Your biggest fuck up of the last 24 hours?


I was talking to this girl and it was going really well and she made what sounded to me like an offhand sexual joke so I’m like “hahaha do u wanna join my furry sex cult” and she’s just like “ummm I’ll pass” and I’m like “fuck” (internally).


I forgot to wash my face before going to bed last night. Skin still looking fresh tho. :fire:


same as this but i also forgot to drink water before bed and now im hungover in class


real delinquent behavior trilliam


dude in my class was wearing a suit and he asked the teacher “can i go pee” and the teacher was like okay and then he was like heyy why are you wearing a suit is it for some sort of sports banquet and then the kid was like yea and then the teacher was like what sport and i said “watersports” under my breath but out loud

people laughed it was funny but then i was sittin there thinking people prolly think im weird for sayin that


no that is definitely funny


i got white girl on drake release day wasted last night and woke up still very drunk, its definitely one way to avoid a hangover