Young Thug Thread: Jeffery Out Now!


Hoping somewhere between 11-14 tracks tbh. Average length is ideal. And yeah Thug really drops a ton of music compared to other artists. Takes Adele like 4 years for 12 songs or whatever but Thug is on his 3rd project this year with a few videos and solo tracks released in between and he modeling for Puma


yeah but thugger > adele so


“Jeffery out 8/16”



sometimes i miss rich gang


Happy birthday thugger :birthday::boom:


Thug brought out Birdman on stage last night actually!


Wants to sell 100k first week!


Says most personal album, HE REALLY SAYING SOMETHING


So Jeffery when?




Jeffery otw…


I don’t mean to go full stan here but does anyone think that if Thug spent good, quality time on an album that he could make a masterpiece? Most of his projects are recorded in usually short amounts of time. Apparently Jefferey took 2 months to record. I’m curious how a Thug album that took more than a weekend to record will sound.


I think it’s very possible to make a masterpiece without even thinking about it really. So far we’ve seen Thug in the studio pretty much everyday unless he’s doing shows. He also records tracks very fast so he has a huge library to choose from in order to put out an album. Realistically dude could be dropping double albums every damn time if he wanted but it needs to be real cohesive. His rapping skills are at a very high level but the only thing that needs improvement would be subject matter really. He has rapped about different things very well before but staying on topic for a whole song without compromising the song is what would turn his music into undeniable masterpieces. Lyor Cohen has asked Thug before to take more time with his music in some tv show segment and honestly I think he’s doing that now… It has been nearly 5 months since slime season 3 and Jeffery hasn’t stopped going to the studio since forever honestly. That work ethic is getting recognized by whoever stops by the studio also. If 300 doesn’t push this project seriously then the stans are going to be pissed af because we know the product is fire, if they don’t recognize this then they’re in the wrong part of the industry…


I agree. I watched that Lyor Cohen tv thing for Thug and as much of an asshole that Lyor comes off as, he knows what he’s doing. If Thug puts in the time and effort that guys like Kanye do then he can make that masterpiece. I’m not saying he should be making beats and shit but knowing the sound he wants. Thug always has hints of brilliance in his songs but I think if he taps into those hints of greatness and expands on it then he could make even better music.


Thug is a way better rapper than Kanye imo but not the better artist in terms of constructing an album. Thug dont need as long as kanye honestly though. Thug and his team of producers could make a damn project in a weekend and it’d be fire. He already does this now and is just choosing the best songs out of the batch. Now he just needs to make it cohesive and got bars




It’s fax too. Jeffery is a better rap performer than anyone else currently.