Young Thug Thread: Jeffery Out Now!


Thug/Lyor does this a lot. Don’t know why people thought it would be on time.


Fuck lyor cohen

In the words of thugger

So so sooon


smh why am I not surprised thug release getting delayed. thats every release in 2016 getting fucked up in some way for thug


My heart is confused


Hey I know we have delays but just be glad we have an actual date to look forward to



Duke said Jeffery 8/16 an hour ago… Could be either date at this point but I’m leaning towards 8/16.


I want to listen to this person


Someone will probably have a more in-depth response but I’d say start with the Slime Season series of mixtapes. There are 3. Also the song 2 Cups Stuffed.


I wrote this a while back. It doesn’t have I’m Up or SS3 yet though…

and here’s the Thug Thread on this forum


I thought that was for discussion about his new album?


Just the general thug thread. most thug discussion should happen in there


Lyor Cohen on phone with Rap Radar podcast @ 1 hour 13 minutes.


Check this out! It’s about Thug and the possibility of a name change…


U stay killin it @VinceBarter even when im at work ill always get great updates from


He better not change it to “No, My Name Is Jeffery”. That shit is trash, somehow even worse than “Young Thug”. I really hope it’s Thugger or something else less idiotic.


tracklist from Thuggers snapchat


Yeah idk what exactly this list is for. Current theories are features list, actual track names, thank you list. But none of them make sense. Gucci Mane omitted too so none of these theories work really.


Thug’s sister Dora confirms JEFFERY for 8/16


I’m happy he’s doing 8 tracks only. People say he releases too frequently but 4 tapes in a year with 8-10 tracks on them really isn’t that much music considering older albums had up to 30 tracks on them sometimes.