Young Thug Thread: Jeffery Out Now!


I believe he has a distribution deal with Atlantic but hes not signed


Someone should make an app so i can understand what the fuck hes saying




I read along and still dont understand please help me


Jeffery otw…


Jeffery out August 16th


Any proof?


Thug’s IG


SHE CALLIN ME JEFFERY (why the fuck I gotta be descriptive)


Can never get enough of Thugger


Better be an uncle darnell boat feature


I think this is my favorite song off Barter 6, the WHAT adlibs are so great and Dolph’s entrance on the track just gets me so hype


A whole new Thug verse on the new DJ Snake song.


So Young Thug might be making his own emoji app called Slimeoji in the future. Not sure when it’ll be out but it’s in the process…


Jeffery is delayed to 8/26. Source is Lyor’s snapchat.

Streamable link:




Tbh I was expecting it because of the mess with I’m Up and SS3 being delayed


808 Mafia beats on there I want nothing less


Well Jeffery is executive produced by Wheezy & TM88 so a ton of their beats will be on there. Also expecting Supah Mario, Ricky Racks, London, & C4.


What is with these dudes fucking up highly anticipated releases?