Young Thug Thread: Jeffery Out Now!


Hello this is the dedicated thread for Young Thug discussion.

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Where do I start with young thug?

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lmao we have megathreads now? this is awesome i love this place
ontopic: best friend is my fav thugger song


does anyone have a release window for “Jeffrey” mixtape? Judging by the snippets its gonna be dope


It’d be easier for discussion imo. I’m trying to figure how how to get more trust level in order to be able to post links to his discog and other stuff like social media and streaming stuff


No official word on a release date whatsoever.

Young Thug snippets youtube channel


Well, I’ve been kinda waning in my interest in Thugger, since he hasn’t changed much up since Barter 6. I gained some hope when that interview with London divulged that most of the tracks on SS3 were old. Like, 2+ years old. However, Guwop Home really made me look forward to new stuff from him. It’s not necessarily a new sound for him, but he’s more adventurous in his vocal performance in it.


his flow in that verse is unreal the whole way through, such a great feature


His latest snippets have been pretty damn interesting imo. I’m a stan myself and I never really understood the whole “he hasn’t changed much since ____” because most of his songs got flows and styles way different from each other. Maybe the production can sound similar at times but Thug has done a wide variety of production thus far even though they mostly have the rattling hi hats.


This is my new home. Slatt


Slime Season 3 really is the best album of the year :slight_smile:



My journey with Young Thug has been crazy. I recently found a tweet from January saying how I could never get into him. Now he’s probably my favorite rapper today. I find myself having a new favorite song of his each week. Recently I’ve been feeling Calling Your Name heavy.


I see this a ton. Why did you dismiss his music in the first place? Did you give it an honest listen back then? Curious to know


I tried back then. My friend got into him heavy and he gave me a playlist of a bunch of tracks like Check, Best Friend, and Good Times. I was into the beats but could never get into his voice. Then when he dropped With Them at that MSG show I was hooked for some reason. It was also a coincidence that there was a thread on hhh for top Thug track and I just took all the tracks I liked and listened to them nonstop.


anyone know what happend to this song?


he came thru with new flows on guwop home


LMFAO the song wasn’t supposed to be called Long Dicks, it’s “Drown”. It leaked unfinished. No idea what will happen to that track.


Wheezy vs Tarentino beef is happening…


I’m lowkey hoping BITTSM is a Travis x Thugger x Quavo album but it probably isn’t unfortunately. I just really like Pick Up The Phone a lot.