Write a Rapper's Verse for Them


Kanye West

I told em Yeezy the new Apple
They said, “Yeezy, you an asshole”
My mind clear I let the facts flow
Donald Trump with the racks though
Media said I’m a narcissist
Shoutout to the Parkland kids
I like the way Candace Owens thinks
I’m tryna fuck Kim on a golden sink


ayo god pretty tone nahmean got this unreleased ghostface verse dun…

yo check the god science, thoughts bulletproof off jesus juice
enemy thoughts bounce off cheeba crop crooked cop
the clan BEEN lampin since henry the 8th, 45 in my lap don’t make me masturbate,
tasty cake advance, puny got no chance, plus he had an iron lung from SHOOTIN IN THE SLUMS
100 queen bees honey, breakin dollar bills, off some pill
starks like a killer whale steroid brain you lookin’ pale
built like saddam and never childish when i’m fightin
throw hands like a sticky toy my hands is chrome alloy
i lay my balls on the table, they said what’s the price
pull out the burner out spray em all said NO DICE


instant classic


kodak black

my name kodak black but niggas know that already
ion want no baby momma i jus want that fetti fetti
cash come in numbers im like ready steady
pull up at you wit dem contrabands stain on you like spaghetti

im on a bean put a beam on you if you scheme
dreamin like im on codeine it aint what it seem
you aint even show love that you say you got for me
boy yous a chameleon but you dont know that we see




get out my face sjw


Word up, I brought the gat in the place, polly conjunction
Wu-Tang Killa Beez slid up in the function
Shootouts in the club dead strippers in abundance
Mad gully crew, dummy tools that we be bustin
Check the door to the joint and wave my dunny through
Run ya jewels quick and don’t make no funny moves
Enough CREAM to pay the rent, cop the armor plated Benz
G500 for live summers, spy numbers tanking and
Jakes is at the corner spot, eat a bagel order lox
Grip the nine milli let it off inside the parking lot
Innovate mad slang, snatch chains for cash pay
Conduct transactions over salad and crab cakes
Mad Italians be infringing on the real estate
Lampin in the van we make ya moms hyperventilate
Lobster on the dinner plate paired wit the Remy duke
Wu-Tang stay strapped we prepared for any crew

Ayo check it, the God put his dick in her lap
She kissin’ me back, Ghostface lampin’ in the crib with a cac
Shove a whole Timb in the pussy the bitch was gushy
She beggin’ for the dick that bitch was gettin’ pushy
Twinkie cake laid awake cum inside her daisy flake
My seed pollinatin’, politickin’ wit MAD eggs, the jakes
Kicked down the door I drew the hammer quickly and blasted
The bitch screamed loud then I pistol whipped her ass quick
Starks is jettin in the Lexus, scope knock you from Texas
The clan came through with the Wu-Tang connection
Eatin shrimp for breakfast while dime bitches buy pictures
Of the God with his dick out, pulled the stick out they surprised with it
Ghost is live with it kickin science to these fly women
Gun safe installed in my coat, pull the shotty out for dry snitches
Chickenheads in the back suckin dick for Wallabees
Sellin them shits off for crack, cycle of poverty


Conspiratorial convictions… decisions of snitches division
The Asiatic man invented nuclear fission
Five percent nation legal obligation
From station to station Obama domination
RZArector serious, resurrect the pyramids
From the clutches of the powers we’re livin with
Cut off your arm and leg, other leg arm and head
Samurai swords swingin secret in Tibet
Poisonous darts assassinate investors and politicians
Wu-Tang Clan invalidate all of their riches
Children being murdered by Bill and Hillary Clinton
Violation of innocence our seeds prospering vicious
Grim reaper heat seeker missiles decimate your immoral rituals
My third eye witness ya mistress on her menstrual
The Abbot laid claim to the throne of the game
Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah wear your head on a chain


how stoned were you


back with somethin new I never tried a Method Man verse but fuck it lmao I added his trademark enunciation to mad shit in here

Method Man:
Uh, rough and rugged when the guns are bustin’
Johnny Blaze, I’m that mothafucka undercover
Spliff blowin’, holdin’ pist-oles in the coat pockets
Watch yo step when we globetrottin’
Uh, I’m mon-stress I gets deep as the Loch Ness
Thinkin’ shit sweet, uh-huh, who gwan test?
Supreme chin checker sendin’ heat seekin’,
Missiles at officials that be knee deep in,
Corruption, it’s Tic-al, numero uno
Mamis call me papi chulo, I thought ya knew tho
Stank pussy give me dragon breath
Tell me, who get on the Wu bandwagon next?
It’s ya mothafuckin’ crew we attack for rep
All I need in this world is a bag of sess and
Peep the lesson, Mr. Mef grip a TEC
Fuck around I leave a shell up in yo neck
Shaolin son



See my name’s Jahseh and I’m here to say
I give back to the kids nearly every day
Yes I am very high, I’m smokin that grass
And I’m hittin this beat like Geneva’s ass
I’m a real rapper, I’mma be a star
Hope I don’t get shot in my car
I beat my meat like every night
Spit on my mom just out of spite
Hey there friend don’t come near me
Cause I think that I have to pee
If you excite me I might just wee
In my pants and that you don’t want to see
All my homies out riding, sipping on that tea
What kind of tea I guess they drinking green
Vrother took a cup and poured it on me
Excuse me but i still have to pee



Tha God Fahim:

Ayo its Tha Muthafuckin God in effect, poppin the TEC
On Allah I be the hardest you get knocked in ya chest
For steppin to Tha God all you gettin is punishment
My shinobi sword disembowel the government




Probably very stoned, I don’t even remember writing this…


Hermit and the Recluse:

My soul solid, your gold’s all filigree
Fear how I see hollow greed in your simile
I don’t follow leads - Apollo Phoeb’s killing me
Scars trust Marsyas, my sorrow bleeds Cybele


hermit and the recluse

this accurate as fuck tho my god


Action Bronson

Fifteen dollars for the Marbury’s
The colorway chocolate cherry
Chasin’ pussy like Tom & Jerry

In Dubai I tend the harem
Line up em up and then compare ‘em
Greedy fuck I’m never sharin’

For booty, I play the pirate
Chop em down; Andre the Giant
Fork, knife, and a plate beside it


MC Ride