Write a Rapper's Verse for Them


wasn’t this his xxl freestyle?


Westside Gunn if he been watching some sci-fi films lately:

Ayo all my alien shooters tote the railguns
Explode ya whole shit while ya girl get her nails done
You was right next to her, blood got on her Louis shirt
My boys capped you from outer space safest way to do my dirt
Laser gat bursts at the cops when they roll up
30 blasts through they badges them shits got tore up
Reload with the solar energy shots soundin like an elegy
Yo bitch never went nowhere without tellin me
Inside the trunk I got a hunnid something racks
I pull the MAC it kicks back like a hacky sack
Hop in the all black spaceship I mean that literally
Goyard space suit and lasers that’ll zap you from Italy
Ayo, eatin lobster tail 200 miles above sea level
Peep the bezel, leave ya head dented like a bevel
Plasma beam alien tech this shit is ancient
Gave ya brain cancer from the gamma radiation
My young Martians down to blow up a squad car
Sellin xans on Olympus Mons now that’s a Mars Bar




Body unclear, is it a complete sentence? It


Roc Marciano

Steak and lobster
Ate crepes with mobsters
No lemon in my water at the restaurant
I bless this jawn, order extra corn
Put the Beretta to ya dome piece
Keep running your mouth I let the chrome speak
Phone rings, ya moms on the other end
Son of man, I’m the second coming of Jesus Christ
Cheese and rice, salt and pepper seasoned nice
Emcees weak like fleas and mice
Posted up with a whore purse is Liz Claiborne
Once got paid 10 racks to jizz in gay porn
In my bed it’s nude women with the tattoos
To the feds I’ma cruel villain sippin cashew
Sauce, made with cheese and butter
Peep the cutter, slice you quick with a hot knife
Thot wife in the Rolls lick the cock right
It’s off-white, nut in her mouth like a chipmunk
She sip spunk til her lips drip cum, I’m lit up
Mary Jane from Mexico fill the Range at Texaco
Extra hoes dropping locations I’m flexible
Hop in my mentions I buck Glocks with extensions
My pops with pension ‘cause I moved rocks in Benzes


young thug:
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Conway the Machine

I got shot in the dome now I’m going off the dome
I pop Glocks and the chromes now you got me in my zone (AHEH)
Fuck HHHVGM (Westside Gunn says “bllddddddddt”)
Spray ya crew down because me see them
Griselda hittin’ licks whenever we see M’s
Y’all pussies small compared to us, paramecium (AHEH)
They askin when GOAT dropping I tell them soon
Me and the boys put the tools to ya melon boom
Ever since I almost died I been top 5 alive
Or dead, I got shot in the head but it wasn’t my time
It’s the Machine



biblical, clinical, criminal, critical, cryptical, cyclical, cynical, dickcissel, difficult, digital, finical, gingival, hymenal, kriss kringle, lickspittle, livable, lyrical, minimal, miracle, miscible, mispickel, mystical, mythical, physicals, pinnacle, pitiful, pivotal, rhythmical, silicle, sinistral, syllable, synclinal, tricycle, typical, visible, visual, whimsical, GOD, adminicle, admissible, atypical, cylindrical, despicable, divisible, dominical, elliptical, empirical, encyclical, equivocal, inimical, intrinsical, invisible, levitical, logistical, medicinal, papistical, periwinkle, political, preclinical, rabbinical, reciprocal, satirical, sophistical, statistical, subclinical, subliminal, thersitical, umbilical, uncritical, untypical, xylitol, ENERGY, alchemistical, analytical, antitypical, apolitical, archetypical, astrophysical, atheistical, diethylstilbestrol, egotistical, eremitical, genotypical, hypercritical, hyperphysical, hypocritical, impermissible, indivisible, jesuitical, metonymical, parasitical, pentaerythritol, prototypical, pyramidical, supercritical, unequivocal, MIND, apocalyptical, geopolitical, sociopolitical, stereotypical, hypocritical… Lawd! what? unh. aegisthus, aesculus, arrogance, benelux, blessedness, breathlessness, carelessness, cephalous, credulous, crepitus, cretinous, daedalus, decadence, delphinus, detritus, diligence, dreadfulness, echinus, echoless, edgeless, edifice, effulgence, elegance, elegant, element, elements, elephant, elephants, eloquence, emblements, eminence, emphasis, emulous, endlessness, entremets, ephesus, evidence, evilness, excellence, exigence, exodus, fecklessness, femaleness, feverishness, fleshiness, fremitus, fretfulness, genesis, gentleness, greensickness, headmistress, healthfulness, helpfulness, helplessness, hephaestus, hesitance, indigence, lemniscus, levelness, megabucks, membranous, messages, nebulous, negligee, negligent, oedipus, pegasus, pemphigus, pendulous, penitence, pensiveness, pestilence, petalous, pettishness, petulance, pleasantness, precedence, precipice, preciseness, presidents, prevalence, recklessness, regulus, relevance, relevant, remissness, renascence, residence, resinous, resonance, restiveness, restlessness, reticence, sedulous, selfishness, sensuous, sketchiness, specialness, tendinous, tenebrous, tenesmus, tenuous, tetanus, tremulous, venomous, weaponless, wretchedness, xenopus, acephalous, affectedness, aggressiveness, antecedence, apetalous, areopagus, attentiveness, beneficence, benevolence, connectedness, contentedness, contentiousness, deceptiveness, defectiveness, dicephalous, dimensionless, directionless, edematous, edentulous, effectiveness, eleven-plus, eleven plus, excessiveness, expensiveness, expressiveness, extensiveness, impenitence, impressiveness, incredulous, inelegance, inheritance, intelligence, intelligent, intensiveness, inventiveness, irrelevance, maleficence, malevolence, necessitous, nonresistance, objectiveness, offenseless, offensiveness, oppressiveness, perceptiveness, persepolis, pink elephants, preeminence, preexistence, progressiveness, protectiveness, receptiveness, retentiveness, shigellosis, state’s evidence, successiveness, unpleasantness, unselfishness, accidentalness, apprehensiveness, atelectasis, autocephalous, comprehensiveness, conscientiousness, diagenesis, diapedesis, dicotyledonous, direct evidence, duodenitis, gamopetalous, gamosepalous, hearsay evidence, hydrocephalus, hyperemesis, ineffectiveness, leptocephalus, macrocephalous, microcephalous, morphogenesis, overemphasis, polypetalous, polysepalous, unexpectedness, angiogenesis, counterintelligence, indirect evidence, interconnectedness, magnetic resonance, circumstantial evidence, artificial intelligence




Sean Price

It’s Sean Price the Nicest, more gats than ISIS
Despite this I got Arabian floor mats that’s priceless
New rappers sayin “eskeddit”, I let the sket spit it
Make em duck down when they get their neck splitted
P, the God, capital G, crack make you OD
Hold heat to ya bitch make her spread both cheeks
Closely inspect how I’m holding the TEC
Folding your neck when I poke it with lead
I’m nothing to fuck with, ducking the fuck shit
Love it or hate it, I’m always on thug shit
Exploding the snub quick, Ruck gonna buck shit
At the funeral ya moms gonna say she disgusted
I love the MAC like I’m Brent Rambo
Put a hole through ya apple when the sket blam close, P!


Roc Marciano, round 2

I sip stew
I pull up with six tools turn you to fish food
Ya lips move, I blick cool
Feed you to the pitbull I been cruel
I buck missiles, fuck pistols, swung sickles
Suck pickles, my dun official
Give ya bitch the cum drizzle
When you see them next tell em God sent me
My broad’s heavy, mon cherie said that Roc sexy
Make a honey do a backflip I’m that sick
Three bitches in one night, that’s a hat trick
The sket Beretta, prepare to spread the cheddar
Wet and dead em quick my bulletproof vest is denim
My nine stretch ya bride next, blow the back out cause you spineless
Whippin with the pyrex, bitches address me as Your Highness
I digress, catch me as I grip dollas in Impalas amid scholars
Ya bitch call me big poppa but I skipped her offer
My dick is harder, ya moms can attest to it
You incestuous, I played Marvin Gaye for the sex music
I’m blessed, been ruling, bitches pipe me when the rent’s due in
If I ain’t best, who is? .357 snub left ya chest bloomin


Mista Slim Thicc

bringin all the tools like im workin in the dentist office/
mista slim thicc take yo veggies, put em in my lettuce pockets/
im hanging witcha sister shits not funny, its the opposite/
golden chains swangin so your honey give me compliments/
im in a candy paint slab holding hands wit the shotty
i dont approve of pills but gave the xans to your thotty/
i got her palpitating with my hands on her body/
she told me you a broke mista eating cans of the broccoli/
feed her dollar menu let her play with my jewelry/
in your neighborhood or in your gated community/
fosho i got her pregnant, filled her eggs up with my juju beans/
i take off running quick soon as she breaks the news to me
double cup sippa i admit im tryna quit/
im on a quest to get a bag i heard you’re tryna find the clit/
went up in the petsmart, free my dogs inside the pen/
told that Mrs. she’ll be missin’ if she calls my line again/
bending blocks and sending shots, you gon have to dash playa
mad sticky joggers look like donut cream on wax paper
call the IRS, with no tax im stackin mad paper
Got the card from my accountant cuz I’m tryna tap that ass later


holy shit lmfao


Lil Gun

Bitches see my dick and they bounce on it (bouncin)
Ima fuck yo bih u can count on it (count it up)
Countin up dee racks, smokin on loud pack (smokin it)
Yo bih see the sack, I jih smoked her wit the MAC (clapped that bitch)
Ran up on yo gramma and I banged her wit the Glock (Glocky)
I think you a snitch, I seen you hangin wit an opp (you’s a fed)
Strapped wit Gucci condoms, yo bitch said she want my cock (Bussin)
Pink bandana on the draco with the scope, I burn the block (wit the scope)
Pourin up the Fanta I throw codeine in that shit (lean)
Drop you wit the rifle then I’m reloading the clip (bitch)
Make yo bih suck my dick cause I’m a poet out this bitch (shakespeare)
Then I shot her in the face because she hoein’ out this bitch (blam)
Lil Gun is on yo block and all my shooters tote the llama (llama)
Fuckin on yo gramma even though she hate Obama (she hate him)
Trappin out Fazoli’s I’m jus tryna get the commas (cash)
Lil Gun Skywalker I keep sticks wit lasers on em (gun gang)


Earl Sweatshirt

Sweaty on the beat, movin’ heavy on his feet
on the skateboard, we be cruisin’ deadly on the street
the streetsweeper, a beast eater, and a fiend treater
treat ya with obese lesions, leave ya cheeks bleeding


Conway the Machine

My youngin stay clickin he caught a body seven times
Run up on me I pop a shotty at ya neck and spine
Saw a white man sayin “Heil” to Hitler, I fired the blicka
Layin in the cut gettin higher from Swishers
My jit’ll buck ya grandmama for the cheddar quick
Y’all can’t get no pussy, involuntarily celibate
Coke white I’m sellin it, four-five leave ya melon split
Keep runnin ya mouth my young shooter leave a shell in it
Y’all say you cold but just be blowin snot in tissues
I’m top 5 out don’t tell me that I’m not official
If you run up poppin pistols then my ahk’ll split you
Ya mama prayin God be wit you when that choppa hit you
My young shooter will slide through with the scope on the Glocky
Roll up in the Wraith and bust off where the cops be
I’ll check you with the stick but I ain’t playin hockey
Put six shells in ya melon if you say that I’m not king



Trap out the bando got bricks in the 'Lac (WHITE!)
Poppin a perc now yo bitch in my lap (LAP!)
She off the molly and wanna give head (SLOPPY!)
Migo the gang dick her down on the bed (RUN A TRAIN!)
Patek Phillipe on my muhfuckin arm (ICE, ICE, ICE!)
My bitch you know that she get what she want (SPOILED!)
I get the bag and I blow it on Gucci (BAG!)
Dash in the whip I spilled drank on my new seats (DRANK!)

Workin my wrist like it’s Hurricane Harvey (WHIPPIN!)
Cookin up chicken like muhfuckin Hardee’s (CARL’S JR!)
Fuck on yo bitch in the middle of Walgreen’s (PHARMACY!)
Had to cop codeine and pills for the party (DRUGS!)
Ice on my neck and my wrist call me Huncho the Glacier (WET!)
I used to trap out the bando wit pagers (BEEPIN!)
I’m in the function just countin my racks (RACKS!)
Eyein yo bitch and she look like a snack (EAT IT UP!)

Banana clip draco wit red dot up top (GRRRAH!)
Empty the clip then I pull out the Glock (GLOCKY!)
Young rich Migo I’m jus tryna hit a lick (BAG!)
Hit yo bitch up in the club and she sucked on my dick (BITCH!)
Busted a nut left a like on her Instagram (DOUBLE TAP!)
Shoot up ya crib Takeoff evil like pentagrams (SATAN!)
Fuck 12 because they don’t control me (FUCK 12!)
So much coke in the bando you thought it was snowing (WHITE!)


Cardi B:

Yeah I be fucking Offset
Offset Offset Offset
He give me good dick
My pussy gets licked
I love fucking Offset


Griselda if they were gay

I just domed yo homie I ain’t talkin wig shot (AHEH)
He grabbin on my cock I let my stick pop (BLDDDDT)
Between you and me I don’t find no bitch hot
My favorite shooter exclusively make my dick rock

Westside Gunn:
Ayo, fuckin frat boys every tour stop
I never got a whore off
Pull up in the Tesla gettin top from Eloooooon (SKRRRRRRRT)
His face draped in off white I’m flexin on you peeeoonnnnns

Fuckin on your man and cookin crack in the kitchen
Too busy makin moves I wasn’t tappin no bitches
Used to pack the MAC for hoes who say they havin my children
I’m tryna grab the sack and spray off half of your children


Tha God Fahim:
Yo check it, Tha God is on the block with the nine
I put on for my community tryna see the black man shine
The government is putting chemicals in our food
We feedin this shit to our children because we really some fools
Eat natural products so you don’t feel so famished
I’m loadin clips longer than a sub sandwich
Lay your weapons down and just give me the bread
Last week my homie he got shot in the head
Thought I was Office Assistant the way I show you the clip
No one dare fuck with me when I’m toting the fifth (tatatataza)
Leave a hole in ya wig, TEC-9 got the holes for cooling off
The government put shit in baby food to give them the whooping cough
I have to reload, clip as long as Mandingo
My man just got popped I said “this can’t be, bro”

It’s the mothafuckin’ God! (tatatataza)


Roc Marciano, round 3

Leavin hoes in coffins, the pole is sparkin
Hillary Clinton with the woe I’m causin
Fillin the clip with shots, jacket made of cupronickel
Run ya jewels quick while my crew hold pistols
My last LP a classic, they was all top line before that
I was sellin crack at a premium a long time before rap
Ya bitch slid in the DMs I asked if she been wifed or not
She got blocked for liking cock
Snipe ya knot, Roc Marci with the finest thot
Buy her lobster at her favorite dining spot
Baggin mad dimes they Colombian
Clappin black nines at ya mother crib
Sped off in the Benz and then we reload MACs quick
Get ya dome splatted, ten chromes clap, kid
Y’all been known that, shit, fuckin wit me hazardous
You can’t bring ya mans back he ain’t Lazarus
It’s Marc