What are you listening to?


facts bro kodak black really suprised me with the amount of great stuff released this year, from project baby 2 to FEMA he’s been really consistent with putting out good releases



never irrelevant, always eloquent




asian dude from LBC and Mozzy from Sac



Bro this my favorite collab wit Carti and Ethereal:fire::fire::fire:


Very RvRE shit right here


J.Pump originally from Ohio, knew he wanted to do music at a young age when he was under the first influences of rap music at 9 years old. Through his teenage years he wrote poetry, which he quickly learned to revert into rap and hip hop in past years and decided after to pursue a solo career. Now located in Saint Petersburg, Florida: J.Pump is here and ready to bring it. NOW UP AND COMING ARTIST J.PUMP representing Saint Petersburg, Florida brings his latest song “Inside This Place (Our World)” which is an ode to the people stuck in bad situations making bad decisions and a remembrance of the situations in the past that have been deplorable due to a system who says they care when in fact they probably do not due to the difference in living situations for all of us.




R u big pump?


imagine actually writing an about section for yourself

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[new shit]





fr what happened to these simple ass west coast beats they go hard