Venting Thread (Don't Touch My Title WHITE Devils)


Got some shit on your mind? Need to rant or complain about something? Go ahead and speak your mind in this thread then.


Idk if my friends are really my friends.

I’m depressed and feel empty.

I joke about suicide a lot but I legit think about it a lot too.

I’ve felt alone and by myself ever since elementary school.


hey man i know we make fun of you and all of that shit but seriously i hope you feel better


ion play lil peep around my homies bcus im scared theyll clown me :jordancry:


Yo me neither


ok this real :cry:


ive never been sad in whole life


i’ve never seen a ceiling in my whole life


buy my new mixtape out it’s called


im depressed because its only losers in the discord


Lol same. L


This thread is fucking stupid lmao this dude shoulda killed his self :100:


i have a crush on every single one of you and i don’t know how to deal with it.


god this man is gay


i fucking HATE dirjj :100: :100: :100:


dirjj is a 19 year old man who still thinks killing himself is a funny joke.