Trying to honor @Sid


Hi there—I have kind of of an odd question for you:

Does anyone here know who @Sid was in real life?

I’m a moderator of the Bucks subreddit ( ), where he was active and very well liked. He is assumed to have passed away a little over two years ago (see this: ).

Since that time I’ve learned a lot about him from his account history—and today I learned he was active here—and it seems he had an extremely storied life full of dramatic shifts and ups and downs—it seems he was kind of alone near/at the end, so I just kind of want to know who he was for A. some closure and B. to maybe contact a family member or friend who was with him at the end and just share a bit about the legacy he left with our community—we have an annual spirit award named after him and basically dedicated our milestone of reaching 100,000 community members to him (here: ). If he was my friend or family member, that’s something I know I’d really appreciate learning about my loved one who passed away.

Any help you can give is much appreciated!

Thank you,



It says the last day he was seen here was May 11, 2018

Hopefully he is in a better place now