The Official Towel Thread


@TrillClinton the hudsons bay throws are so comfy ok

i used to have hudson bay wool sockies too that print is so stylish tbh

so let me tell you about this bath sheet i got from bed path and beyond

honestly u mite be wondering why i would spend 60 dollars on a towel. let me tell u. A BATH SHEET IS NOT A TOWEL. its like, BIGGER THAN A TOWEL. u know sometimes after u get out of the shower and ur towel is too cold and ur balls get cold (i dont but im sure it sucks) if u had a bath towel that would never happen!!!

n these towels feel like drying urself off with a cloud

the end


fuck towels tbh fam

edit: idk I never had a use for towels in my daily life shit idk


do u air dry out the shower


other than that b

ofc I use a towel after a shower smfh


bath sheet master race


y’all got any good pickups lately


fuck towels I air dry