The Official Towel Thread


Hey, so I got a towel set for my birthday, and just copped a DOPE face cloth today Forever Color Cotton Bleach-Safe 6-Piece Towel Set: Bath

That’s the towels i got, they were about $30, they pretty dope but Im gonna get even sicker ones for christmas

and this is the wash cloth i got today
PB Organic Cotton 600-Gram Weight Washcloth, Light Sage | Pottery Barn
I got one in light truffle and one in clementine

I know there’s alot of threads about towels these days, so lets try and keep it all in here so we don’t annoy the people who want to talk about things other than towels
so feel free to post links to any towels you bought or are considering and we can discuss them and stuff… I might also make a youtube account and post videos of me revewing towels so be on the lookout for that :slight_smile:


beach towel


Oooh I had one kinda like that, my lil bro took it to the YMCA community pool and left it in the locker room I was pretty pissed :triumph: when I went back it wasn’t at the lost and found. Fucking hate him!!

Hoping I get to re-up on some beach towels this weekend

Also I’ve been kinda thinking of copping this Egyptian cotton set-

Prestige Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set -

anyone here own them or can tell me anything about the quality? Worth the price or nah?



#The OFFICIAL fuccboi towel

Ever been a sweaty forehead ass nigga but didnt want to show it when rocking your multiple BOGOs?

Ever ran out of ways to flex your preme clothing so you need to flex in other ways?

Ever wanted to cosplay as A$AP rocky cosplaying as a hypebeast arabic prince?

Well now you can! For only like $200 you can cop the Supreme Leopard towel and get some hoes instagram likes from high schoolers!


my favorite set


Paging @omar


Where is the best place to buy towels? I bought some from IKEA but they felt like shit. I recently got a set at Target which I am enjoying more.


No /s those look amazing


On a serious note, HBC made the most iconic blanket/throw print of the last 200+ years and putting it on a towel makes it no less amazing

also available in:


Wow that looks really RVRE FVSHION KILLA fam! Haha VLONE! WTC???


I’m fucking SICK of all these posers acting like they’ve been towel fans since day one. I was there back when towels first dropped, back when no one thought they would catch on. I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but one of my good friends (still friends to this day) brought a towel over about a week after they dropped, and holy shit, it changed my life. Let me tell you, NO ONE was doing what towels were at the time; it’s not an exaggeration to say that they changed the cultural landscape. Nowadays people toss towels around like they’re nothing, and it’s fucking bull shit. If you weren’t there, you wouldn’t understand so you might as well just drop your fucking towel and let the real fans enjoy them the right way.





Target is decent for a starter in the towel game but if you’re not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone price wise for something of better quality I would suggest JC Penney or even Sears-

Royal Velvet® Premium Cotton 6-pc. Bath Towel Set | JCP


walmart lowkey has a good towel selection



Bed Bath and Beyond bro duh


Yeah I got some nice sheets from there. They’re always sending me 20% off coupons. Also this cutie there works the register. She looks like a darker skinned rhianna. I never have had her as my cashier or I’d ask her out. The way the register is set up there’s one line and then it splits to the left and right. Bad luck or somethin. 0/3


Egyptian cotton is goat can confirm