The god i miss thread 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🍋 🍋 🍋


wtf you "miss me" i still get on this forum AND i talk to you on steam :eyes:


rarely :remarkable:


the steam chat is super dead all the time now

We need people on it


Thugger back tomorrow


thugger here on @IssaKnife but mao "zigzagzig" zedong denies him chat access


What did he do? Will he be back on chat tomorrow?
Sheesh, I only come by every few weeks or so..


benito "zig" mussolini was bored and felt like banning someone probably


god I miss Wayfarer


Me too, thanks.


it was cause he changed the thread titles or something like that lol


I banned issa from chat because he was a Regular and changed all the post titles to :lemon:


im a born again christian now

i would never do such a thing anymore !!!


God I miss the days when I felt truly happy, not wallowing in my own crippling depression and existentialism to the point where I am no longer able to be a productive citizen, no longer able to make social contact. I miss the days when I had fun outside, when I was physically active, and not eating whole potatoes with ranch dressing on my smelly basement couch while marathoning reruns of Weeds, gazing down at my hair layered beer belly and wondering what went wrong. I miss the days when I didn't run a novelty shop for my little pony plushie collectors and a variety of underground hip hop forums populated with hundreds of presumably underage kids, sensitive to every change I make. I miss the days when I didn't live in this industrial wasteland full of crack junkies and prostitutes, the last great thing to happen to it was Robocop. I miss the days when I felt truly happy.



god i miss @ThomasHunna


remove the ban daddy


Is therr any way we can hear your side of the story? I dont wanna be a jerk and immediately accuse you of being bad, i would just like to know whats been going on with the chat and its breaking


god i miss real rab;


bitch ive been here


God I miss chat