The god i miss thread 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🍋 🍋 🍋


god i miss thugger
god i miss sarah
god i miss jandro
god i miss flowergirl
god i miss bill
god i miss champagne
god i miss illuminatiswag
god i miss afro
god i miss vincebarter
god i miss dirjj a little
god i miss aned
god i miss theinfinitygauntlet
god i miss swagapple
god i miss chanandler
god i miss kpnos
god i miss therealexplicit
god i miss kanyebowie
god i miss wydogg

why is everyone gone
killing zigzagzig then im kms


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Who tf were swagapple and chanandler?


they werew new people who joined after joseph "zigzagzig" stalin advertised on the subreddit & they left in less than w eek


damn shame it is really a fricking shame


you know i wknow people wouldnt remember @MissChanandlerBong even tho he was the best i loved that guy he awas with trill and me and someone ekse when we were discussing middle names and we found out trill was ebenezer scrooge because of some ethiopian tradition that im not 100% rememebrance of but it was a really good voncoconv** convo and we got became good friends.


Oh shit yeah, I remember Swagapple. I'm pretty sure he's an Aussie, so it's a shame we lost him. First KB, then Swagapple, who next? Wayf?? Me?? smh


well tony if were lucky whose necxt it will be adolf "zigzagzig" hitler the man behind the madness the fce who launched a thousand ships the metal man who doesnt like metal but has emtal in hsi head he is unwell i tell you. he is unfit to serve


nobody misses me :jordancry:


Michael J. Fax


i miss everyone besides @TDE-mafia-of-da-west



zig killed them all.


damn shame tbh :jordancry:


lol you miss therealexplicit :blacyoungsta:


god i miss july 2016


s/o to my bitches!!!!