Slam beat tape check it out!


i lied heres my beat tape



you can fuck my bitch hugmaster you swag to the maximum
Swag on a hundred thousand, one hundred trillion oh god damn hugmaster


this is worst than iggy azalea


for hating on the yung gawd im sentencing u to Eternal Ashy Knees



This is actually pretty dope, hopefully more original content is good around here.


greatly appreciate it dog please check out my homies shit if you havent already


this shit so nice

my favorite shit of yours already. u surprised tf outa me with some of these samples


forgot how good this thing is

edit: “getting leverage while you NATHANS fall of like mick foley does”

holy shit thats actually a great bar


bump :bob:


swamp thug goat dam


hey buddy i dont know who u are but this is really fire!


hey buddy jus checking in again this is still really fire! i implore everyone to check it out!


i love all my fans


blac youngsta voice hey all you lil bitty whores click on these



i like it. lets be friends now




happens to the best of us