Scream rap thread


An emerging style of hiphop that takes that agression a step further.


I find it a lil amusing that most of them have black and white covers like thats the aesthetic wave lmao

fr tho this is a great resource cause xxx is tiring and I know someone out here prob doing his style better


bruh if you want to hear people scream fast flows just listen to hardcore it’s infinitely better than any screaming iteration of hip hop


but what if you like the beats and not blaring metal guitars and shit


Ruby starts off his verse by screaming, but it’s more organized and I think I prefer it.


I did not fuck with that one bit but thanks for the recommendation


train ya ears the guitars and drums are the best part


watch these dudes reinvent rap metal from the other side of things than the last time around

nah but seriously, most of these are just yelling and having it be blown out, which is stupid. get on some real harsh vocal shit. King Yosef is the closest, but most of these would be massively improved by taking a lesson from this type of vocals (skip to 1:30 for the beginning of the vocals)


glad to see someone covering this movement. seems like the majority of publications either don’t acknowledge it or don’t want to acknowledge it. i’m not the biggest fan of this distorted bass shit but it still feels good to see small movements like this get press.

@IlluminatiSwag is right though, these guys do need to scream more better.


While I fuck with all the stuff I linked, I wouldn’t mind more guys trying out harsher vocals. King Yosef is probably my favourite in this scene because of it. Here are some of my favourite songs by him.

Here’s some more songs in that harsher vocal style.
(skip to 1:04)


Anyone interested in what a full project of this style is like, be sure to give it a listen. One of my favourite releases this year.


Well, I am a actual harsh vocalist, I’ve been doing harsh vocals for 10 years, I front the metal outfit Lithium 7 but recently I jumped into making scream rap and it’s fucking gnarly, for you guys that like harsh vocals and Insane beats check me out!
Twitter : @KiddPariah
Here is a feature track with my homie laska.