🚀 Reply to this thread and i will draw you a GOOD personalized space ship 🚀


here you go tde


uhh ok lemme get one pls



eat sheep cum slammin :@ :@ :@



you are appreciated slam


the badly drawn swastika is a nice touch

i hope you meant to draw it that way


are you retarded


oh my god its a hammer and sickle isnt it

its still drawn badly and its leaning the wrong way


i want a new one


give me a new one you whore


can i also get a new one pls and thank you based slamgod


i need a ZOOM ZOOM!! rocket ship :smiley: xD


ayo slamming i would love a new ship when u done with the others please


yo bro i need a spaceship but a really cool one not one of these standard models. i need something like a westcoastcustoms spaceship :smiley: