RATKING Thread 🐀 👑


that was a chill ass track. wiki came through with his verse


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one of my favorite ratking songs. wish theyd do a project of songs w/ a similar vibe



  • Lil Ugly Mane
  • Wiki
  • Antwon

Produced by Shawn Kemp, featuring Despot

I'm assuming their project comes out next year, which is gonna be the littest tape of 2017 :fire:


Oh my god Antwon is officially is Ratking.


Oh shit really?!

Edit: oh I forgot lol, I needed to update the thread (but now I can't cuz it's too old smh) that the Antwon thing apparently is unconfirmed.


Damn i was looking forward to future releases by them with Antwon added to the team


Well Secret Circle (Wiki, Antwon, LUM) might be releasing a tape this year with possibly some Sporting Life prod so we'll see


#Wiki announces debut album on XL recordings, No Mountains in Manhattan!

Due for the summer of 2017, Wiki has already put out a single titled Pretty Bull. Stream here:

If you aren’t familiar with Wiki’s solo stuff already, check out his mixtape, Lil Me.


I just tagged up an EP from the Secret Circle soundcloud tracks, if anyone’s interested?

But I don’t know if there’s rules on sharing stuff like that?

And I’m not sure if those tracks will eventually end up on an official release or not.


Yeah I think they are planning on a mixtape or an album together of some sort with those as singles, I don’t think it’s against the rules tho. They are released for free on free streaming services so I think its fair game.

Could be wrong.



wiki released his album

also secret circle is dead and antwons a sexual abuser :disappointed:


the only possible conclusion