Post ur goddam favourite albums of the year


throw em up

i feel confident enough in my list rn its late november and shits wrapping up, but yk thingsll change as always

quick write up on my “”""“top 5”’""" for old times sake

  • JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes are Cornballs
    Much more deliberate and purposeful. More of a refined album experience overall than Veteran although that has its own merits in its provocative sound design. Ik its not cool to like jpeg cause hes corny but honestly its the most satisfying thing ive heard all year

  • 3776 - Saijiki
    Man this is so kooky and fun. makes me feel like im playing around in the worlds biggest treehouse. i dont really know much about the concept thats supposedly behind it nor do i know any of the lyrics but its melodies and production quirks won me over big time. really precious, amateurish singing is surrounded by constantly evolving melodies that range from grand swells of sour synths to twee acoustics, over drums that match the off kilter and confusing rhythms. bass tones often range from acid house to analog indie rock

  • Young Nudy / Pierre Bourne - Sli’merre
    The main propeller of this album has to be its chemistry. Nudy is formidable on his own and consistently inventive with his off the cuff rapping but he fits even better with the larger than life melodic detours Pierre has him float on. If Sunflower Seeds doesnt convince you they arent this generations greatest minds idk what will

  • Anderson Paak - Ventura
    Its Anderson Paak lol

  • Mavi - Let the Sun Talk
    I gave Mavi a hard time like the rest of us because of his proximity stylistically to Earl. Let the Sun Talk proves to me that can be true but also not matter at all. Haven’t heard a rap release this year connect the dots and round the whole thing off like he has. Its comprehensive, detailed, and really makes strong statements on intersectional social issues.The production is hazy and full of belabored yet simplistic loops that just feel like an autumn-time existential crisis


Honorable Mention
Charli XCX - Charli
Young Nudy & Pi’erre Bourne - Sli’merre
Shy Glizzy - Covered N Blood
Ayankoko - Kia Sao ກ້ຽວສາວ
DaBaby - Baby On Baby
Earl Sweatshirt - Feet of Clay EP
Octo Octa - Resonant Body
Nay - Fox’s Wedding
Tree - WE grown NOW.
Fennesz - Agora
Four Tet - Anna Painting EP
Lucki - Freewave 3
DJ Seinfeld - Galazy EP
Panda Bear - Buoys
Teejayx6 - The Swipe Lessons
Lil Keed - Long Live Mexico


Only on my second or third listen, but the new City Morgue bangs

Doja Cat - Hot Pink Been playing this album on repeat

IDK - Is He Real? IDK is one of my faves

N9NA - Tech N9ne I’m from Missouri so this is mandatory

FATHER OF 4 - Offset Honestly this is my most surprising one, I really didn’t think I’d like it but it speaks to me


ecco2k - e


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana.

Tyler, the Creator - IGOR

Westside Gunn - Hitler Wears Hermes 7

Baby Keem - Die for My Bitch

Young Thug - So Much Fun

Shoutout to these EPs though:
Maxo - Lil Big Man

Benny the Butcher - The Plugs I Met


Not my AOTY but it’s probably in my top 5: The Lost Boy by YBN Cordae.

Cordae is just real as fuck in his verses and his beat selection is fantastic. The features are all great and the skits are memorable. All in all a great showing for a debut album. I really wore this one out


Usually, a big Kanye and I liked JISK but it just didn’t reach the heights of some of the best albums this year. Plus it is a little cringe at some points with the God stuff.

Similar story with Brockhampton although some of the songs on Ginger are some of my favourite of theirs of all time (No Halo and Boy Bye come to mind).

Chucking Kiwanuka because the sub is R&B as well and it’s so damm good.

Haven’t heard any of OP’s top 5 that aren’t on my list but your descriptions sound cool and I will check them out


The albums I really enjoyed this year:

Freddie Gibbs & Madlibb: Bandana
Stormzy: Heavy is the head
Kota The Friend: Foto
Goldlink: Diaspora
Denzel Curry: Zuu
Slowthai: Nothing great about Brittain
Loyle Carner: Save me I’m drowning
PNL: Deux Freres
Boogie: Everything is for sale
Ari Lennox: Shea butter baby
Kevin Abstract: Arizona baby
Caleborate: Hear me out
Saint Jhn: Ghetto Lenny’s love songs
Rapsody: Eve
J Stone: The definition of loyalty
SiR: Chasing summer
A2: All spill
ToBi: Still
YBN Cordae: The lost boy

A bunch off albums, I know. 2019 was a good year for me personally. Discovered a lot of new artists I didn’t know.


Denzel Curry- Zuu

Young Thug So much Fun


Tyler the creator - IGOR

JPEGMAFIA - All my hero’s are cornballs.

21Savage - I am > I was


IGOR for sure was my favorite album of the year. Along with All My Heroes Are Cornballs, GINGER, OOFIE, and uknowwhatimsayin?

EDIT: Forgot to mention Malibu Ken by Aesop Rock and Tobacco. I love they way they blended on that album.


Lucky - FW3 & DB3

Eartheater- Trinity

Sickboyrari - Euroglime

Zelooperz - Dynamite

  1. Weatherday - Come In
    Really sad lofi rock. I like the lyrics because they remind me of myself.

  2. slauson malone - A Quiet Farwell, 2016 - 2018
    This album is like a sound collage, it drifts between vaporwave and hip hop mostly. It’s really sad too.

  3. Crumb - Jinx
    I don’t think any other album better emphasizes the monotony of day to day life than this album.

  4. Ariana Grande - thank u, next
    This album is basically exactly me.

    Really forward thinking and minimal ASMR pop.

  6. Taylor Swift - Lover
    Bloated by extremely enjoyable album that covers pretty much every style Taylor does best.

  7. Anamanaguchi - [USA]
    Chiptune rock shit I guess, it’s very dynamic and chaotic but fun.

  8. Caroline Polachek - Pang
    Probably the best PC Music-adjacent album.

  9. Faye Webster - Atlanta Millionaires Club
    Kinda like ambient folk in how Faye uses typical folk instrumentation to create lush sounds, more maximal than her first album and more personal too.

  10. Anna of the North - Dream Girl
    Honestly just a lot of nice pop songs, deals pretty heavily with loneliness and feels like a femcel album.


well i mean there’s one good album at least



i entirely forgot to listen to that girlpool album


i like it a lot it successfully filled my white girl guitar music quota for 2019


that was hatchie for me


i still need to relisten to hers i didnt give it a fair chance


what the hell…

pardon the singles

pardon the chance