Official KennyBeats Thread


One of the best producers of this generation

Formally a DJ for the EDM group Loudpvck, Kenny returned back to producing for hiphop with a new vengeance. His production style is varies, but two things you will always notice about a KennyBeats produced song is his heart-stopping 808 and his trademark “Woah Kenny” tag. He also known for pushing artist to their best, where its crafting a perfect beat for their style, or helping them reinvent their style.

Production credits included

  • Smoke DZA
  • Hoodrich Pablo Juan
  • Lil Wop
  • KEY!
  • Rico Nasty
  • 03 Greedo
  • Freddie Gibbs
  • NBA Youngboy
  • Vince Staples
  • And Much More!

I would check my own playlist of almost all of KennyBeats produced songs.
Mass Playlist of KennyBeats Production

                           Latest Project/Song
                                        Some videos


i rmr in 2018 i kept putting off listening to 777 but kept hearing kenny beats name everywhere and soon enough most songs i was listening to were being produced by kenny. really cool to see, i’m gonna post my favorite rico song as of late


he’s not there yet to me but still putting out good beats at a fast clip. some of his material is just glorified type beats (especially with west coast guys) but when he gets really in a zone with an artist we get some magical production. to me his only truly great work is with Rico Nasty and Key, but hopefully we get more people pairing up with kenny so he can so more stuff like that.


you rock with the kennyXJPEGMAFIA song?


yoo good thread aha
shouts out to 777 one of my fav albums of 2018


it’s cool, they both could’ve done more with it though


dudes IG lives be legendary. the one he did tonight was great


Q Da Fool not really doing it for me.


kenny been super consistent considering his volume, and he doesnt keep it too simple with the sounds he uses, aIways incorporates some neat little noises in his beats, i appreciate him a lot fr


New produced song this joint hit


new crank


so new Rico tape
New Smino tape
New tape with drego and bend from Detroit
and apparently JPEGMAFIA and Kenny have a tape coming some time in the future (not soon)


also won’t let me edit the OG post either smh