how can u miss uzi



that young martha song is :fire:


when he hit me with that harambe voice

(but please listen to the fredo santana song also)


NEW UP AND COMING ARTIST J.PUMP representing Saint Petersburg, Florida brings his latest song “Inside This Place (Our World)” which is an ode to the people stuck in bad situations making bad decisions and a remembrance of the situations in the past that have been deplorable due to a system who says they care when in fact they probably do not due to the difference in living situations for all of us.


@zigzagzig can i delete a thread


Pardon me?

#372 check me out


This one I mean because I wanted to change the rules for posting in this this thread a while ago




Young Thug & Birdman - “Lil One”


new song follow and like if u fuck with it​:two_hearts::sparkles:


Secure The Bag! is insanely huge in the UK right now


If you both liked Godfather listen to it


we been listenin bruv, good shit ayy


it was pretty underwhelming for me, its more trap than grime which i think hes better at, aside from Blacked Out. I do have Alakazam on rotation though :woke:


Elements of Music dropped his first rap project after several albums as a producer with a couple of verses here and there. Available on all services.