New chat



Lol what’s wrong?


tried a few times to reply to you and it just sat there spinnin. im bothered.


I’m looking into it lol


not a fan of the sidebar shit either but that could just be cuz im old and have difficulties with change




where did chat go i’m scared


zig had the brilliant idea to put it in the bottom left corner where NOBODY LOOKS


The chat plugin dev moved it the sidebar and the bottom left. I can prob move the bubble back to the header if you guys like that more.


zigzag is the dad coming back into his sons life after 18 years at the grocery store now that he got a job at the airport


nah but fr i fw the change of course there are problems but once thats all fixed itll be good


shits not working 4 me the messages dont send


What browser or device are you using @alex?


Can everyone test the new chat and tell me if they can send messages?

If not tell me your browser and your device :slight_smile:

Going out for an hour be back after!


What device are you on and browser?


I’m using Opera and as of now when I send messages in chat it shows some loading sign on loop and doesn’t send.

I’m uhhh on PC windows 10 if that changes much


It’s working for me in Browser - I will test others. :frowning:


I don’t think many others use Opera, many people use Chrome or Firefox so you should try to get it to work on those 2 browsers if anything.


Think I fixed it now, try going into the #hiphop group