Last movie you watched Thread


:jordancry: / 10



fuck 10 character min




yo quit joshin man this is serious sad business :jordancry:


The Royal Tenenbaums always a good watch, classic Wes Anderson



Rewatched 12 Angry Men last night. Great movie, driven almost entirely by dialog and character development. Highly recommended.



The Accountant

autistic guy becomes action hero somehow
it was very bad and not even a little good



The 4 movies I watched on my flight from Costa Rica to Australia, ranked from worst to best.

4. Goldfinger

Probably the movie best suited for a plane I saw, really light fun movie. Not the best Bond film I've seen and not even the best Sean Connery Bond film, but still a good one nonetheless. When he says, "Shocking" at the end of the intro, I cracked up, much to the annoyance of the person trying to sleep next to me.


3. Moneyball

This film reminded me a lot of The Big Short, both in the tone and in the plot about an outsider trying to game the system. Definitely one of the best Brad Pitt performances I've seen as well.


2. Do the Right Thing

Great film with some great performances. Interesting film to watch because in some ways, not heaps has changed in terms of race relations.


1. The Shining

By no means, a particularly scary film, creepy would probably be a more apt word. Pacing and tension are fucking amazing, as are all the actors. Cinematography is stunning at times too.



I agree with that Money ball rating. It's a fantastic movie and that's coming from someone who knows jack shit about baseball

definitely a top 5 brad pitt performance along with fight club and fury


The Descendants was a good movie. Mothers everywhere would probably enjoy. Soundtrack and humour in it was cool too



easily an 8/10, possibly the best stop motion animation movie out there




Django Unchained

9/10. Easily the best Tarantino movie in my opinion tied with Pulp Fiction


7.5/10. Solid movie that went under the radar and probably the only piece of evidence that Chris Evans can act

Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless Mind

7/10. Quite good but still very overrated

The Imitation Game

5.5/10. That british otter looking mfer plays another socially awkward, outcast, introverted smart guy. Very lackluster.


Django one of my favourite movies OAT, it gets a rap from a lot of people but it's a quality flick in my eyes.


plus you get to see whities being killed and thats a plus in my book :ok_hand:


Oh boi oh boi here we go


Training Day.
7 or 8/10, fuck Alonzo.


gonna watch star wars tomorrow if the theaters open


Inglorious Basterds

Spoiler alert

Movie was pretty good, I loved how suspenseful it was at the beginning, I liked the peppered wit and outright ridiculousness at other parts. I particularly enjoyed the eerily creepy part about how the colonel and the girl meet again in the cafe many years later after he slaughtered her family, yet they have to act like they had never met. The movie ended in a hilarious bastardization of the war and the cliche American's inevitable triumph over Nazi evil, however the ending is still satisfying and enjoyable.

I rate this movie at a strong 7 to a light 8, although I have shit movie taste so what do I know lol