Last movie you watched Thread


she's lame af



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I meant to say that in comparison the western animation(I'm thinking Disney and such) is behind. Sorry, fucked up the words because they are kind of similar lol

Satoshi was/is amazing, I've seen a really cool YouTube video explaining his style and approach

I think you'll enjoy it if you haven't seen it yet


I've seen it, but yeah that makes more sense. Also why are you never in chat anymore?


I'm working so usually I only hang out on chat at night, don't have much time :frowning:


finally watched American Beauty
Kevin Spacey is the fucking man in this, gave a great performance
its cool that this movie delved into something i dont consistently see and it was weird yet so understandable

i give it a :bob: out of :whew: bc fuck your ratings systems, y’all niggas cant control me




hwo do you like them apples


watched primer for like the 5th time. great shit



I watched the OG spy kids the other day and it still holds up. This gonna sound wack but it was way more hispanic than I remember when I last watched it over a decade ago.

A thrilling adventure film start to finish with complex subtext and deep, tear-jerking emotional tugs at your heart strings. A must watch for any filmlover.



2nd greatest movie of all time. shark boy and lava girl will never be topped tho


Taylor Lautner's most credible acting role


spin off sequel to ferris bueller's day off was brilliantly trash

inspector mcgadgoo


Just watched Zootopia again. Pretty good!


I watched Seven Pounds the other day on the train and it was devastating but a real cool movie. It's the closest I've come to crying in a movie since the ending of Click. That shit's sad ok.






9/10 Gabrielle Union fire, russian dude was not badass


Chicken run shit was deep as fuck. Cartoons are made for adults i believe it . Low-key the hens were in a holocaust camp. deepest takeaway i tok about the film is that the fence they were trying to cross was in their head not the one surrounding them.


I still have that on VHS, Nick Park is the man when it comes to stop motion claymation