Last movie you watched Thread


watched suicide squad and i regret it


I watched the first ~ half of Barbershop The Next Cut, and it was pretty funny, didn't get to finish though. it was like 7/10 until Nicki and Common were in the closet (thats when my plane landed)


wasnt much going for it after that scene, u got lucky


Hell or High Water


An action drama following a texas man (Chris Pine) who has to turn to bank robbery in order to get fast cash. This is done with the help of his brother (Ben Foster) who is completely reckless but will do whatever he has to do to help his brother out. The movie is mainly based on actors and dialogue rather than bank robbery scenes and cinematography.

Pros: Very good dialogue,good action,very realistic in many ways,has perfect but not particularly emotional acting from the entire cast,sets a good scene of Texas,good pacing for the most part.

Cons: Despite being a bank robbery movie, isn't action-packed,doesn't have very many themes,lacks strong cinematography, a bit anticlimactic, missing extremely notable scenes, can be boring at times, poor ending


Watched Suicide Squad last week and it was OK. Definitely a step up from BvS but still not good, it was worth it for the popcorn.

I just rewatched Akira and it holds up. 8/10


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4/10. Overrated


I watched Our Idiot Brother again for the first time since a friend and i crashed another friend's date and made it an involuntary double date in 2011. It's gotten better with age, quirky comedy with Paul Rudd being Paul Rudd and as charming as ever. 8/10


Fight Club

pretty chill movie
depressing but funny
gay undertones were cool
twist was predictable but everything following it was goat
creepy at times

i can count all the films ive seen on one hand, but out of all of em, this is the best. im feelin a decent to strong 12 on this one.


gay undertones

no homo



cool concept and all
direction was straightforward, not many scenes where i thought "that was a cool/great/good shot"
overuse of handheld shaky action cam
story gave me the opposite of an erection
the MCs backstory with his wife was fuckin annoying
the end shot with the top spinning was dope tho. that was dope. that was ill. that was bomb.
im feelin a strong 6 to light 7 on this one.



funny as fuck in the beginning, altho reddit ruined a couple of the jokes
non stop hit after hit comedy, every scene is either a punchline or a setup to a punchline
the autist at the control tower got old real quick.
kareem abdul jabbar needs to work on defense.

im feelin a decent 7.5 on this one.


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Last night I went from one extreme to another. I watch both of these movies every two months, the brilliant, edge-of-your-seat drama/thriller Space Jam and the comedic genius of American Psycho. Two of my favourite flicks

American Pyscho:
much like my life it is so post-ironic and satirical i dont know what is real anymore
Christian Bale at his demi-godlike-esque physique. 9/10

Space Jam:
this is the greatest piece of film ever made. if you didn't have a crush on Lola Bunny you are a liar. ∞/10


Spirited Away

* good ass soundtrack. the stairs scene is a great example of this.
* spectacular animation, everyone had character
* the direction (if thats still what you call it in an animated film) was great, shots were set up perfectly
* great at creating a sense of being an outsider and developing the girl becoming accustomed to the world
* ending was a lil abrupt & unsatisfying

i don't really watch anime, but this is dope shit. :ok_hand:

fuck your ratings bill its too hard


Western animation is light years beyond. If you like a movie with particularly cool animation check out Paprika.

It was partially the inspiration for Inception.


Western animation is light years beyond.


It was partially the inspiration for Inception.

Satoshi Kon was the inspiration in general, that particular movie did have entirely copied scenes though, the best example being the mirror scene. But if you want a movie similar, watch miyazaki, not someone entirely different.


tbh American Psycho is lower rated than space jam in my book no irony




When reddit hates on J law