Last movie you watched Thread


What's the point of posting itt without a rating


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That's literally the point of the thread


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10/10. the story of che guevara before he became a revolutionary. incredible movie. also love gael garcia bernal


Leave @KanyeBowie alone just cause he can't count to 10 okay, his recommendation was more than enough


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Kim K sex tape 7/10 not enough butt stuff


Really a 7/10?? First off the shots were terribly uncreative, with only 3 angles. Ray j completely carried the movie as he not only had the best dialogue but also the best motion acting. Kim had a one dimensional character whos love interest was already established and solved in the first 10 seconds. And beyond that but her character was very poorly written. And of course the movie was too short with no resolution to the problem at all, and no theme whatsoever. Ray j was the director and producer of this film, but showed he clearly couldn't give his best performance while overseeing the filming. 2/10


Just finished Top 5 on a long train ride

I'm a sucker for romantic comedies so thats why I watched it to begin with. Didn't really like the ending because it was slightly open and I wanted closure cause I had become invested in Chris Rocks character. Easy 6/10 tho.


a french film about a young women who plays a role in her communities lives without them knowing.
the acting is on point but the music! the music is incredible!!



the most confusing yet beautiful movie I have seen. My favorite hugh jackman and rachel weisz movie. Goes from past to present day to the future in search of the tree of life. The main theme song is absolutely incredible and I feel is way way way way way way too good for the movie its self. 10/10

the song is a masterpiece truly.


Just saw Florence Foster Jenkins. Yeah, it's pretty corny, but it was well-executed. Pretty enjoyable, I'd give it a 7/10, if 5 were the average.


Shit I think I saw this when I was 3 but never watched it afterwards because it looked weird as hell

Oh wait I saw a clams casino edit with this music scattered throughout. This is the one where he ascends into a giant golden ball while meditating right? looked beautiful.


Watched Charlottes Web with the GF. I'm scared of spiders and the parts i saw were unrealistic so I'm gonna have to go 3/10.



Saw Suicide Squad the other day. I know its been talked about enough in hear but its the last shit I watched lol.

Thought it was okay. Disregarding the hype, it did okay in my book. Dragged out in some parts, some pointless characters/scenes, but it doesn't really do much wrong either. At least in my book. Not bad, but nothing really stands out either.



I almost want to see this just to satisfy my morbid curiosity about if it's as bad as I've heard. My buddy who saw it is a huge fan of superhero movies (isn't everyone these days) and he fell asleep in it hahah.


Also, I think the last movie I watched was Lake Mungo


It's an older movie (2009 I think?) filmed in Aus. Great slow burn horror movie that I'm almost hesitant to call a horror movie because it's not "startling" but it has a dark, dreary vibe that kind of creeps up on you while not really being traditionally scary if that makes any sense. They also nail the documentary style extremely well.

I'd give it a 7.5-8/10

Anyone who's a fan of horror movies but is tired of "modern horror" and all the shit on Netflix should watch it


I am usually for these type of movies, especially with Seth Rogen at the forefront of it but this movie just wasnt funny.

4/10 being generous.


Now I know not to watch it

Jandro :goat: