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No doubt. I don't really take many film (or music) critics seriously anymore. I did enjoy Batman vs Superman though, so maybe I just have shit taste in movies.

*Director's Cut*


I haven't seen it but from my understanding of all my friend's and the critics opinions it actually is terrible.


i'm just being a contrarian i loved fantastic mr fox. fantastic mr fox, the grand budapest hotel, and rushmore are my favorite wes anderson films.


Just finished moonrise kingdom today


I've heard no one attempt to defend the theatrical release. I only saw the Director's Cut and I thought it was pretty decent. It's not spectacular, but it certainly couldn't deserve the same criticism that the original received.

Probably not worth the nearly three hour run-time if you're not at all interested in capeshit tho.


3 hour run time

Yeah that kind of ruins the point though, because if it takes 3 hours to be a decent movie then its ruined by the fact it's 3 hours. Only movie I really thought needed 3 hours was deadpool.



I know everyone loved it, but I did not enjoy it at all. The humor was funny for the first 15 minutes, then got really stale. Deadpool was just a little bit too obnoxious for me to find him likeable. Really disappointed me since I was so excited to finally see a Deadpool film adaptation.


It was a great movie, and it surpirses me that you didn't like it if you already liked deadpool as a whole beforehand. I only thought it could go for 3 hours because the plot's end was kind of dissapointing and it flew by.


Just watched this last week and watched Moonrise Kingdom this week - I had no idea Moonrise was a Wes Anderson film so I had to get on it ASAP.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is great :syringe:


wes anderson is amazing IMHO


BvS is a perfectly finely made movie but it's just boring, almost offensively so, that coupled with the few missteps (bad plot, awkward humour, Eisenberg's weird Lex which isn't all bad but still pretty lacking) just makes it so incredibly unenjoyable for me


You guys are all nerds with ur marvel and dc comic ratings.

Rewatched city of god

10 outtah 10.

Love lil z




City of God is top 20 for me, fucking incredible movie


That movie slow garbo


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then rate it


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Number ratings are for melon heads.