Last movie you watched Thread


I hated it, athens scene was the only good part


Suicide Squad; 4/5


Is this a joke


Watched Deadpool was pretty good. 7/10

-King Thugger​:crown:


Suicide Squad, very disappointed. Croc was the worst character ever, just growling and making the worst jokes I have ever heard (and not in a good way). Very predictable as well, and the plot was just so generic and uninteresting.



nah man, i thought it was really good. I mean i'm being generous, but the detractions i had ain't take too much from it. I wasn't comparing it to any other movie, i wasn't comparing it to any other joker. it was solid action movie. I enjoyed it. 4/5


when he asks for fucking BET in his cell I died a lil inside.


Ngl that was the only part I or anyone in the movie theater laughed at


That new Jungle Book was fire, Idris Elba as Shere Khan was fantastic



Looked nice but it was pretty shit in all other departments, especially the kids acting.


Worth watching?


Yeah the kid was shitty but it was worth it for Bill Murray Baloo


If you like really good CGI and Nostalgia, then sure. Other than that it's nothing special.


Man From U.N.C.L.E.


A spy movie that's not just action with cliché plot,dialogue,and shaky handheld the entire movie while locations are shown in digital text. Had a unique feel and the aesthetic and setting is enough to watch for. Good action, and fairly creative plot all in all. The acting was perfectly on point for each character and some of the best casting outside of classics.

Pros:Unique Movie,reat casting,creative shots,good plot,good twist,suprisingly funny,good score,Alicia Vikander.

Cons:It doesn't commit to one genre,had no lesson or theme,was very casual seeming, although this can be seen as a pro/con


I just watch The World's End last night. Really liked it. Saw it on this dope list of The 50 Best Sci-Fi Films of the last 20 years. Been trying to watch all fiddy.


fantastic mr fox 3/10.


Went into this movie with no expectations, because it had gotten a pretty lukewarm reception, and I loved it. The dialogue made this movie for me, very sharp and funny banter between the leads.

Such a great movie. Shame it got overshadowed by "Spectre", which I thought was a piece of shit.


Don't do this to me


one of my favorite movies in the past 5 years tbh, incredibly underrated, reading the reviews confuses me. One complaint was that the dialogue was poorly written, it was unfunny, and that gaby was stiff. ??? Fantastic dialogue with everyone in the theatre laughing, and gaby was played perfectly. Her character was objected to it so she was supposed to act that way. Kind of made me realize how smaller critics ride the bigger ones opinions and how subjective they are.


okay i changed it.