Last movie you watched Thread


12 angry men 9.5/10
Pulp fiction 9.5/10



Same with Grand Budapest. Last movie I watched was Suicide Squad, 4/10 an I'm being generous. Margot Robbie saved the movie with that booty, and Will Smith was pretty good too.


I don't give gracious ratings, and that's a fantastic movie.


Saw suicide squad and joker was fantastic. Whole movie felt like a music video. Im not one for superhero movies. 7/10


For real. The whole time I was watching it I kept trying to figure out what it is that people were raving about. Movie ended, TV turned off and I just kinda went, "meh. No idea why this was so hyped."


It was good, don't get me wrong. But it wasn't really that creative and was carried mostly by action and CGI.


watched Frank last night.
Not a bad movie probably won't watch it again for a while


I randomly watched Ocean's Eleven yesterday.

7/10. Gained an extra point for all the food Brad Pitt ate.


Saw Jason Bourne the other day.

5/10 compared to the first three
7/10 if you've never seen the others


I've seen it twice, freaked my gf out


Been wondering if I should watch it. Should I? I feel it was partially made to show how much an actor's face effects a movie and the result of removing it. So IMO it's extremely experimental. Not sure if good though, heard mixed things.


it's entertaining enough as a film about making an indie album. I would watch it but dont try to dissect it


Saw Suicide Squad and liked it. Not better than Man of Steel or BvS, but I like how it fits into the DCEU. Don't like the direction they went in the movie, but I liked what came of it.


not better than BvS



haha really?? WHy?


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Suicide Squad

it's a 3/10 and that's being extremely generous

Horrendously bad but it was at least somewhat entertaining which is more than I can say Batman vs Superman (which was way better objectively but was boring as tits)

Viola Davis and Margot Robbie are fantastic, Will Smith does Will Smith, Jai Courtney is definitely Australian


the characters carried that movie way more than the story at all. so many corny plot tricks and shit that just seemed predictable.


The script was garbage but the biggest offenders had to be how poorly it was cut (alongside the awkwardly jammed in music) and the fact that they just obliterated Joker & Harley's entire dynamic, I get why they did the latter but it's so dirty and wrong.


12 is better imo