Last movie you watched Thread


Last movie I watched was Mac and Devin go to high school kek
Id rate it a 4/10 while sober, 10/10 while baked yewwwwww
Cons: visual effects are so damn bad, acting is sub par, character work is average
Pros: has snoop and wiz, awesome music


You need to be in snoop and wiz's "mindset" to harness the intellect that is required to even comprehend a moving film like that.


It's not always easy to give art a number rating, but being able to differentiate Citizen Kane from Evil Bong is important


It was in fact the notorious pig episode


Suicide Squad


Had extremely high expectations for this movie, as did most, but it was one of the most cookie cutter superhero films I've ever seen. This was ironic because the whole plot was supposed to be the opposite of a superhero movie. At the end of the day it was just twitchy superheros posing as villains, aside from Deadshot and Harley Quinn. But those 2 got 90% of the movies dialogue anyway so who knows.

Pros: Production value, good costumes, decent special effects, Will Smith, occasionally seeing Cara Delevigne, decent humor at the end, great soundtrack, some badass action scenes

Cons: clichés, plot, zombies, ending, corniness throughout the movie, didn't play "Purple Lamborghini" -the best song on the soundtrack, pacing was bad; the whole movie felt rushed, the worst joker and Batman, joker felt extremely forced, oh and clichés again because the whole movie felt like a giant cliché

TL;DR:Disappointing, a worse version of the new Star Wars movie adapted by DC


watched Goodfellas while on an atlantic flight. Absolutely loved the film with the violence and savagery. Top 10 films of all time and Scorseses masterpiece. 9/10


Suicide Squad

Pretty bad comparing to what it could have been, a lot of cheesy lines (and not even in the good way) and cheesy scenes. Margot Robbie is hot as fuck as Harley Quinn though so that's something i guess, 6/10


Tbh I just saw it as a downgrade from her in wolf of wall Street where she was a dime


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suicide shop



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Ofc you watch a movie with suicide in it. For a second thought you misspelled suicide squad and gave it 7/10 :dilla:





I just watched Good Will Hunting for the 5th or so time today

Can't wait for the sequel directed by Werner Herzog


Also saw Pulp fiction recently and liked it but not as much as resevoir dogs


Dont be a menace to south Central while drinking your juice in the hood. Its a great movie


Good will hunting top 10


what the fuck


Tbh overrated movie


Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Best cancer kid movie I've seen. 8.5/10