Last movie you watched Thread


issa beautiful yall


Watched Dr. Strange the other night. Very interesting visually.

Everything else was ok, cool movie to download and watch at home.


Just watched Moana Disney movies are the GOAT man.


My niece loves that movie lol. If she’s crying and you say “wana” she runs to the TV


#BBC Planet Earth

i got on that nature shit yo, soakin all them factoids into my braintoid

good shit tho, I love nature documentaries cause learning is cool and the shots are absolutely gorgeous

david attenboroughs voice is seccksy FULL homo



shit was pretty fuckin bad

these niggas had no idea what they wanted to do the whole movie, they brought in a girl and gave her an extensive backstory and shit and just parked her ass off camera until the last 20 minutes. optimus prime was practically not even in the movie, and quintessa was the shittiest, least developed villain of all time.

and transformers in the fucking dark ages? stonehenge was built because of transformers? yall overestimating the audience’s ability to sustain disbelief.




based on your music opinions i’m surprised you didn’t think this was a classic


Wonder Woman - don’t believe the hype, shit was trash
Day before I saw All Eyez On Me and that was fucking trash.


expand your vocab bro

here are some synonyms for trash that might help ya out


so last night @poogle2404 and i watched the OG Men In Black.
before i start the review, yes i was the big spoon.

i hadnt watched this movie in a far too long of a duration, however its magic was not lost on me as soon as i started torrenting this bad boy B) i knew i was in for it

a master piece of the 90s, a Will Smith classic and an overall top-tier movie.

don’t wanna spoil the movie for you be it your 1st or 11th time watching this brilliant flick but fuck me that enemy was creepy, the way he slides into that dude and takes control of his life i cant help but notice how this parallels marriage.



this is the best review ive ever seen


aight since we in switzerland for three nights we decided what better trilogy to commit to than Men in Black, so that’s what we did. despite horrifying critical reviews we watched this movie and it aint even that bad

will smith delivers his role well, outside of that the movie is the absolute benchmark of what a mediocre movies are, kind of like how gucci is to rap lmao.

rest of the acting is weak outside of Smill With and Lommy Jee Tones and the script seemed pretty lacklustre and unengaging. The rest of the characters are all kinda shallow and the villain is boring. no real laughs but sometimes i exhaled out my nose a lil bit. @poogle2404 is shocked that johnny knoxville makes an extended cameo

looking forward to the final movie tonight

i watch a lot of will smith/10



mediocre aint mean bad my dude

plus he not the same since he got abducted, if MIB taught me anything its that the truth is out there

aluminiumati confirmed :small_red_triangle: :eye: :small_red_triangle:


aight so on our last night in Switzerland @poogle2404 and i watched the thrilling conclusion to the Men in Black trilogy.

This is my favourite Men in Black, Will Smith delivers as always, the writing is really good, plot is well thought out and scripted, dabbles with time travel but never crosses the line into being gimmicky. Tommy Lee Jones Jr delivers and there are some great cameos. Getting one half of flight of the concords to play an angry bearded alien is questionable in theory but he does his role super well.

You know the script must have been good if it got the money to make a third movie, especially after how the second one went. This movie is made for 3D and is a great way to finish the men in black series.



also will smith doesnt age that he a vampire


Holy shit, this movie was absolute trash. So excuse this rant, I just need to vent a little.

Christopher Nolan is fairly well-know for his (most of the time overly) complex and convoluted movie plots. Think Inception, Memento or Interstellar. With 2017’s Dunkirk, he seems to have taken these criticism on board by making a movie with no story at all. I’m exaggerating here but barely. The entire storyline can be boiled down to

Look! We found a new way to escape! Oh shit, the enemy’s bombing it! All hope is lost!

And just repeating as many times as it takes to fill 105 minutes. Like seriously, this movie could’ve been 60 minutes, so many scenes could’ve been cut and it wouldn’t have affected the overall story line. It certainly would’ve affected my enjoyment of the film significantly though. Almost every scene is incredibly drawn out, just in the name of jerking off Nolan’s directorial ego. It’s even worse because you can tell how these sequences are going to end every time. It’s pretty easy considering the same things keep happening over and over again.

We’re given no reason at all to feel anything for the characters. They’re all one-dimensional pieces of shit with nothing going for them and no development for any of them. Nolan doesn’t seem to understand that if you’re gonna have a whole movie where people are constantly at threat of dieing, you’ve gotta at least make the audience care about them or no one will feel invested in your bullshit movie. It doesn’t help that it 's got a fucking ensemble cast, so instead of not caring a little about a couple of people, I end up not caring a lot about a shit ton of people. If he made the movie smaller and more focused cast-wise, I might’ve enjoyed it more, but no. Like seriously, how do you make Tom Hardy a boring character?

When something does go right in the film, the only reason I know I’m supposed to be happy is that the characters in the film are all cheering and buttfucking one another and Hans Zimmer shit score gets all swelly and soary. Fuck you Zimmer and Nolan, you manipulative assholes.

I think my least favourite part about this shitshow of a film is that because it’s made by Christopher Nolan people are already calling it one of the best movies of the year. Like, someone acknowledged that the characters are pretty shit, but that’s because “the event is the main character, the characters are just extras.” Fuck them, they can’t even admit the movie has a flaw. It’s a completely bullshit response to the movie’s underlying problem, that’s just not how you make good movies. Get the fuck off Chrisy’s dick.

In the past, I’ve very much enjoyed Nolan’s films, even Interstellar. I can understand people’s problems with it and it’s very far from a perfect film, but it’s still easily ten times better than Dunkirk. At least, Nolan was trying to make an interesting movie, instead of some bland Oscar-bait.

I guess it’s shot pretty nicely, but that’s not enough to save the time. If Nolan spent half the time he spent cumming over how nice the army uniform contrasted with the sea actually making sure this movie worked as a piece of storytelling, it would’ve been so much better. Spectacle is one thing, but if you’re planning on just doing the same thing 50 times in a row, you might just need to invest in an actual story instead.



Manchester By The Sea


misleading title. movie not set in england.


wow man i liked it :cry:


wow man you’ve got shit taste in films then :rage: :poop: