Last movie you watched Thread


It's a Wonderful Life AKA the GOAT Christmas film


I watched La La Land, on Christmas day and it was probably my favourite film of 2016. The use of colours and transition in and out of songs was exemplary. With a cast lead by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the acting and cinematography were top notch as well. I'm not normally a fan of musicals or things within that genre but this was just a quality film. A great reinvention of the golden-age of Hollywood. Must watch film of the season in my opinion.



Watched Moonrise Kingdom tonight.

It was bittersweet, beautifully shot, and just quirky enough to be endearing without coming across as up its own ass. If you're familiar with Wes Anderson, you probably know if you'll like it or not already. The dialogue is fantastic, with a touch of surrealism that reminds you that despite how natural the characters' speech is, they aren't real, and never could be. Not much I didn't like, to be honest.


This reminds me, a couple of days ago I saw Sing in the theatre.

I wouldn't say I recommend it. It was saccharine and tried to do too much, attempting somewhat hamfisted development in nearly every character in only 108 minutes. For a kids' film though, it was pretty good. The voice acting was great, even from the more notably voiced actors cast (John C. Reilly). The dialogue was a little simple, but unclunky and relatively realistic. Exposition was abundant but not terrible, as it was sprinkled throughout the film. All in all, it was okay. Good if you have kids under, say, 12, but I wouldn't watch it again.




So I got around to watching this on Netflix the other night and wow... Disney's really done it again! Great film, definitely a "family" movie rather than just a kids one as I can see anyone of any age appreciating it. Honestly reminded me a lot of the Sly Cooper video games with the dynamics/stereotyping of interspecies characters and various climates for settings. Haven't enjoyed a wide release animated film this much in a while.


P.S. I'm half hoping they make a sequel but without its success spawning so much bs that it gets run into the ground (looking at you Despicable Me).


certified :b:lassic right here
watched this badboy at a 24 hour pancake place at 2am on my laptop the other night and got some weird looks from the waitstaff but they prolly jealous im just stuntin on em

rodney :b:opperbottom/10


I remember watching this in a cinema with my dad. Good shit :robot: :robot: :fire: :fire:


Holy shit I saw this movie in theaters twice


i watched two thirds of hotel transylvania at a department store and i felt like a fly because i was watching it on more than 10 tvs

despite the intercom interrupting adam sandalman's dulcet vocals, was a brilliantly mediocre experience all in all



Watched Sing Street a couple weeks ago and holy shit. Such a good movie. As someone who is really into 80s music and admittedly is a sucker for love stories this was an amazing film. Even from a pure ascetic stand point this was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. Its a little bad with the language but i doubt any of y'all will care


i was walkind down the street and saw some hedging cut into spheres and was instantly reminded of the sheer circular-ness of Jaden Smith's head in this movie and it was a must watch.

sad but overall feel good movie, a good watch if you aint seen before

fresh prince of bone density scanners and stock broking/10


this movie is fucked up its about a lady who won a olympic medal for gymnastics and then her career went downhill and no w shes retarded or s/t



workin at the carwash goat song

kinda wanna fuck a fish

will smith's golden age

who wants to find dory when you got a gay shark



this movie is one of my top 5 animation films, its fuckin hilarious!


going to bed about to watch one of my favorites of all time


i could watch will smith movies for daysss


last one i watched was Ted


kinda wanna fuck a fish

Which one tho? Both Angie and Lola are hella fine


saw get out last week, was pretty dope

need to go watch it again, my homeboy said he noticed some easter eggs (poster behind chris saying 'chris is dead' and some other stuff) but i was totally enthralled with what was going on that i didn't notice that shit. apparently there were a few other dope ones too


get out def warrants a 2nd viewing, shits great


The Seventh Seal