Last movie you watched Thread


A thread discussing and rating the last movie you watched. Example:

Fantastic Mr. Fox





i watched dope, with rocky. it was aight, towards the end it got kinda boring, and malcoms friends were annoying.
wtf was the point of the bitcoin selling shit?
im not good at giving ratings. okay/10


I thought it was very overrated, the corny ending with “would you even ask that if I wasn’t black” Like the fuck it’s a generic online form they asked everyone these questions. It was decent I’d say 6/10


rewatched Schindler’s List for the first time in years over the weekend. I was absolutely floored. the very last scene hit me harder than I expected. Masterpiece, probably Spielberg’s best. 9.5/10


I’ve been trying to watch all of Abbas Kiarostami’s films. Just watched Certified Copy and it’s an easy 10/10.


Watched chunking express, it was pretty good, preferred In the Mood for Love.
Gonna watch Contact (based on the carl sagan book) tomorrow. Honestly I’ll watch any sci fi film and like it. Sci fi is too interesting and even bad sci fi movies are enjoyable.

Im hype for that new Black Mirror season.


I’ll share last 3.

600 hours - Really good actually, it’s about a mexican kid who has to smuggle weapons through the borders. 4/5 :star:

Green Room - Holy fuck this movie is really good, it’s an amazing thriller, Watch it when you can .5/5 :star:

Keanu - I mean it’s K&P, What’s not to like? 3/5 :star:


Can you guys do /10 or /5 ratings though please, makes it alot easier


sorry daddy


The last movie I watched was Hancock like a couple weeks ago. Shit still fire btw. 8/10


watched the original total recall starring arnie for the first time a week or two ago. fucking amazing movie man. action was on point, dialogue was on point and the story was on point.



I find it weird to give movies or any art a number, especially since I cant remember every movie Ive seen so I cant even form a scale relative to what Ive seen and even if I could it would depend on how I was feeling when I saw the movie and even what movies I had seen previously.

But I guess if Chunking Express is a 3/5 In the Mood for Love is a 4/5.


Thanks fam


Black mirror is one of the best TV shows of all time


Watched that with my grandpa once, didn’t know what it was and fuck that was a bad choice


I watched Zootopia, shit was lit. I give it a harambe/10. But forreal, I’d say 8/10. Its a great kids movies, but anyone can enjoy it.


Which episode? It’s different each time. IF it was the pig fucking one then yeah maybe


Batman: The Killing Joke. Saw it in theaters the night it dropped. Was super dope, was exactly like the comic but in movie form, with a little bit extra added in the beginning. Would definitely recommend.


I swear sharon stone in total recall is the hottest any woman has ever been


Jason Bourne


Cons: Lacking plot, clichés everywhere, stereotypical layout and feel, shaky handheld camera

Pros: creative chase scenes, Alicia vikander