3x3 thread


Listening to Ill Communication and it still doesn’t hit me like Check Your Head does. Gotta keep giving it closer listens, I guess.


last 2 weeks

fraud albums (albums that i streamed a lot but dont like):

  • wire - pink flag
  • david crosby - if only i could remember my name
  • cut copy - bright like neon love


another month another nickel
sorry for the other one i accidentally hit reply to uint and not reply to thread


past week

most streamed tracks:

8 streams
Gunna f/Young Thug - “3 Headed Snake”

4 streams
Gunna - “On A Mountain”
Kate Bush - “Morning Fog”

3 streams
Forest Swords - “Friend, You Never Learn” / “Thor’s Stone”
Gunna f/Young Thug & Lil Baby - “Oh Okay”
Lil Baby - “Global” / “Yes Indeed”
Peter Gabriel - “Red Rain”
Trey Songz f/Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy - “LOL :-)”