3x3 thread


Top 10 Most Played Tracks:

  1. The Strokes - “What Ever Happened?”
  2. Talk Talk - “It’s My Life”
  3. The Strokes - “12:51”
  4. Drego & Beno - “Marco Bittie”
  5. Bad Bunny f/Drake - “MIA”
  6. Drego & Beno - “Calculator”
    7-10. Fishmans - “baby blue” / “SLOW DAYS” / “SUNNY BLUE” / “ナイトクルージング”


ask me anything


who do you think you are


i ask myself the same thing on a daily basis.



random album from each line:

Percee P - strange but i like this one less and less the more i listen to it, Percee’s lyricism feels fine but definitely not the strongest lib beats, at least to me and considering the era of release

Frank Ocean - been trying to get into this project since its release, what can i say, guess its not for me; ill see you in the next 5 months when i try and do another relisten i guess

Non-Phixion - probably one the most tolerable album from the whole ‘edgy underground lo-fi east coast’ wave; quite lovely and has lots of paranoid/conspiracy bars that are actually cool

Ramones - one of my favorite bands ever, what a joy to give them a spin every once in a while; if you need to have as much fun as possible and you only have 30 mins do put one of those on, even better if you play both S/T and Rocket to Russia back to back, in for a treat

Big L - so ahead of his time his parents havent met yet


bro idk


this is the most non-mick mick chart of all time




Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… - Stone Cold Classic. word is bond son!
DJ Seinfeld - Time Spent Away From U - ignore the trash-ass artist name and title, this is fantastic house music.
Autechre - Tri Repetae - woah breh soundscapes! honestly wasn’t paying enough attention listening so i need to go through again
Bjork - Debut - honestly a letdown, didn’t care for the production even though the vocals had their moments. listened a lot trying to figure it out.
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger - Stone Cold Classic. metal meets grunge. rip chris cornell.
Grimes - Art Angels - Stone Cold Classic. boy that cover art is ugly.
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories - Stone Cold Classic. when’s their next album?
Fennesz - Venice - just discovered this a little while ago, already one of my favorite ambient / glitch / idm type albums. nice.
R.E.M. - Automatic For the People - Stone Cold Classic. so far these guys top my most streamed artists list.
Stars of the Lid - And the Refinement of their Decline - i did not finish this. ambient for people who thought music for airports was too fast-paced and wanted something slower.
Fishmans - Kuchu Camp - pretty much as good as everything else i’ve heard from them. future classic.
My Bloody Valentine / Slowdive - Stone Cold Shoegazes. good music is good idk what to say about this one
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath - Stone Cold Classic. to me their best album.
GAS - Rausch - not really grabbing me yet on my second listen. hopefully it gets better.

Top 10 most streamed tracks:
1-2. DJ Seinfeld - “Time Spent Away From U” / “Too Late For U And M1”
3. Autechre - “Clipper”
4. Bjork - “Crying”
5. Boards of Canada - “Amo Bishop Roden”
6. DJ Seinfeld - “Come Thru 4 U”
7. Soundgarden - “Jesus Christ Pose”
8. Talk Talk - “It’s My Life”
9. YNW Melly - “Beat A N—a Block”
10. A$AP Rocky f/Playboi Carti & Smooky Margielaa - “Buck Shots”


idk bro debut just makes me feel good. definitely prefer the tracks Like Someone in Love and Anchor Song to the house stuff

imma check out the dj seinfeld on God

also gotta listen to rem


it’s crazy good, i was skeptical of the “lo-fi house” stuff because of the fact that i usually associate lo-fi fetishes with some mid music (and his name is DJ SEINFELD for cryin out loud), but it’s actually really emotional and the mixing techniques help bring that to the forefront


wow you got me excited with that pitch


  • most compelling crimeapple project i’ve heard thus far. good beats good raps he’s no longer just the stuffing chavos in his pantalones guy
  • endless is so good it’s more replayable than blonde in that the songs are shorter and more straightfoward? than something like seigfreid. great shit.
  • fw3 this week :eyes:
  • recommend this Daisy the Great album it’s lovely.


  • the aj album was sooo wannabe american tryhard it was sad, best tracks were the ones where he sounds british

  • bocanda is beautiful its some weird argentinean electronic rock shyt that has flutes and an orchestra bruh went all out

  • capital punishment was way cooler than i thoughtd be but it was really long n too many skits/interludes

  • i am > i was is better than i remembered it was on first listen, thats just kinda how every 21 album is though they grow on me over time

  • food and liquor was also way too long, and slightly corny

  • die lit just keeps getting better 2 me everyday its become like a disease how much i listen to it

  • the warhol album is on my chart all the time mostly cuz of switch locations n thats it

  • i never even heard the fbz album this week i fell asleep revisiting HELL-O and it autoplayed

  • pieces of a man was disappointing gotta admit but theres some jawns on there … mick lowkey growing off me rn idk hes still good but im realizing he not that lyrically deep its all just filler but he still nice tho

  • asian penis man album is good


random album from each line:

Joey Purp - dam i love this album quite a bit, from the opener till that 30-sec outro its such a pleasant listen, dont even wanna call it chill just very light in its sound and very easy to get into yet immensely enjoyable

Ludacris - never listened to Luda in projects but like this one a bit on my one listen, his delivery is cool and some of his bars are hilarious; the opening line is some of the funniest shit ive heard in a sec, ludacris fucking hates women throughout the project it seems

Freddie Gibbs - one of my favorite ‘winter’ albums and an awesome listen all-around whenever i remember about it; some tracks arent catchy but for my money the first five songs on this one is his 2nd best streak after youknowwhatalbum

Prof - i did not enjoy this album and most of Prof’s output until just recently; only late in 18 i gave his recent project another shot and ended up liking it a bit more than on my first listens; this one i also like a bit better now, hes got some cute bangers and i love the inner melancholy of sorts with how fun and ‘partyful’ most of these tracks are

Young Thug - to me, Thugger falls under that category where i like to talk ab the artist but not really listen to him; this album seems to be growing on me, however, and it has some of the coolest Sex songs that i heard from him; really want to go back into his discog now and discover some more gems


Boards of Canada - Geogaddi - first listen was great, as usual with idm i think i spaced out at some key parts so i need to go back, all around great though
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - oh man this is way too long, but there were enough good songs on here to justify me listening to it. very immature, adolescent and whiny album, but with some fantastic artpop and alternative metal that sounds like nothing else. pretty split on it as a whole
Beach House - 7 - cmon dog its mcfreakin beach house dog, you know this one
Bowery Electric - Beat - holy soundscapes batman! what a fuckin album, could become one of my favorites in a couple listens
Beck - Odelay - still beck’s best and most complete album. it’s even better than i remember, somehow seamlessly merging folk rock, noise rock, techno, and late 80s rap aesthetics into one crazy weird masterpiece. really nostalgic listen for me
Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts - still refuses to come together as a flawless project to me. the last 3 tracks are killer and the rest are good but not on that level. really enjoyable listen regardless
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses - stone cold classic. them brits sure were cooking
Rival Consoles - Persona - on second listen hasn’t made the leap from good to great, maybe someday
Yves Tumor - Safe In the Hands of Love - ya already know
Alvvays - Antisocialites - every bit as good as self-titled, sorry @hugmaster for doubting you. amazing album

Top 10-ish Most Streamed Tracks

  1. Bowery Electric - “Beat”
  2. Beach House - “Girl of the Year” / “Woo”
  3. Boards of Canada - “Beware the Friendly Stranger” / “Opening the Mouth”
  4. Kids See Ghosts - “Cudi Montage” / “Kids See Ghosts”
  5. Beach House - “Black Car” / “Drunk In LA” / “Lose Your Smile”
  6. Boards of Canada - “Dandelion” / “Diving Station”
  7. Bowery Electric - “Empty Words” / “Without Stopping”
  8. FMB DZ f/DaBoii - “Give N Go”
  9. Future - “Goin’ Dummi”
  10. Kodak Black - “If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin”


i only had vertical backgrounds this time

  • great capcom soundtracks on spotify rn the 3rd strike ost is timeless
  • marry me is so good can’t wait to keep going through st vincent’s discog
  • smino i think is my favorite rapper rn
  • glad i can appreciate kodak now because i certainly couldn’t as recently as last year tbh. pb2 is quite good
  • gotta keep listening to seinfeld before i give an opinion
  • night drive is one of my favorite albums tbh that shit nutty


I miss Divine Council if u couldn’t tell