3x3 thread


whered u get that chart the HHH store


got ee ass


fuck mick



not a sound i’ve heard before. very good album. needs relistens.


sry didnt mean to reply to uint

moses sumney is a god idk how to describe just beautiful slow art pop i love him
false baptism is 1 of my fave post punk albums of all time
this album isnt that good but its good for moping
top 3 emo revival/twinkle albums of 2018
this album acc sucks idk why ive been listening to it when they have 2 other far superior abums
waaah waaah i listen to shitty emo revival when im in a bad mood
this album was mid…thats too bad…track sequencing and percussion were boring…feats made the album because they were good but felt out of place
soyboy indie rock










i deadass just listened to ballin out for the first time in years on the drive to class today, funny coincidence


Top 10 Most Played Tracks:

  1. Future - “Crushed Up”
  2. Future f/Young Thug & Gunna - “Unicorn Purp”
  3. A$AP Rocky f/Playboi Carti & Smooky MarGielaa - “Buck Shots”
  4. Alvvays - “Dreams Tonite”
  5. Alvvays - “In Undertow”
  6. Alvvays - “Your Type”
  7. Fishmans - “Weather Report”
  8. 2 8 1 4 - “遠くの愛好家”
  9. Alvvays - “Plimsoll Punks”
  10. DaBoii (SOB x RBE) - “Humble”


I always listen to Birth of a New Day whenever I read dude 2 8 1 4 is epic.


i hate having singles on these shits but w/e yea ight bop ol schoolyard bitch

  • matt ox is the rap saviour and he hasnt even reached full potential
  • stop sleeping on simmie season please god i beg u
  • idk if im fully on board w sada baby yet but he got some joints on here cant lie
  • superorg ofc great shoutout orono thats the slime
  • oi laddy peppa pig flow fo sho (bumped konnichiwa from a 7 to an 8/10)
  • rodeo… is good
  • wizrd is p solid but its bloated as usual so yea nothing new… faceshot though hot damn
  • rest in pizza lil peep i severely slept on this tape he got some crazy beats and his quintuple vocal tracking is orgasmic
  • sidney gish? more like sidney bishhhh you should listen to this its great musique
  • idk i like boogie but man i didnt get anything out of this album which is a shame, he gettin attention and doing his thing though cant hate
  • testing still as messy and confusing as it was when it dropped… i have a new appreciation for Buck Shots and Kids Turned Out Fine however
  • Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Commu
  • ive been seeing NoYork! on like every poog chart in existance so im glad i got to it cuz he has sick taste… didnt regret listening great beats n nice flows solid 8/10
  • i think they said sum about N***oes on this album so thats automatically like a whole 2 stars down but i guess the music is weird n creative n shit
  • it wasnt THAT bland… i was able to sit through it and it has some bops so thats a 6/10


how the fuck you consume this much bad music in one week


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that aint my real name pull up bitch




jonatan leandoer album hella great
i enjoyed that metal album tbhhh i just needed 2 listen to some metal
that german album is dope


  • I’d only heard Stuck prior to listening to Vices but Nick F is really great, like his flows and wordplay are just punchy and fun to listen to idk it’s a pleasure to listen to the man fr
  • bari album was pretty fun to listen to, it’s all co produced by monte booker so you know the beats came correct, he’s just not that interesting of a rapper. fun album
  • this is the second will toledo album i’ve heard and honestly i didn’t even finish it since it’s like 129 minutes. i fuck with dude though that lofi sad shit is hard
  • ohbliv is great. love the album art on this one too