3x3 thread


how you feel about the mollusk


Music is pretty good and life is pretty good too

New Dr. Oct is amazing, I like it way better than the first.
Isolation is great
Open Mike Eagle is prolly my new favorite rapper, goddamn I done been sleepin
Car Seat Headrest is actually good somehow
MGMT still dope
Bowie still dope
Listened to Time Astonishing instrumentals while writing rhymes and they sound like Kool Keith but whatever.
Elevators AOTY
Luv Sic always makes me cry
NehruvianDOOM is better than the internet says it is, I don’t get everyone’s hate boner over Bishy, inb4 “He’s not terrible he’s just cOrNy and bOrInG.” Real criticism of Bishop Nehru: he does too many punchlines. Doesn’t mean he wacc tho.
I guess I listened to this Matt Martians album, don’t remember.
Philip Glass Bowie Symphonies are sicc.


Swear I didnt even listen to it idk why it’s on my chart

Will listen fr sometime tho


Hello I am back with less hip hop and more rock albums. Just A Stranger is the only song I listen to on Isolation, but I listened to it enough for it to chart on my scrobbles. The Odie album I don’t really remember rn. The Hinds album should be higher though I’ve been lovin that album, recommend for fans of indie rock


Hip-hops kinda been lackin this year so i dont blame you


  • Lots of ATCQ, really got into them this week. Love Movement by far is their weakest but its still good. Beats Rhymes and Life was the most forgettable. Low End Theory and We Got it From Here are fighting for being my favourite at the moment. While Low End keeps it simple and jazzy, We Got It From Here is so much weirder and modern. Low End is more consistent throughout though.

  • Endless blew me away in CDQ, I like it more initially now than I did Blonde.

  • Smif-N’-Wessun’s Dah’ Shinin is good but its just cause it hits the checkmarks for a grimy street rap record from 1995. A lot of cues were taken from Mobb Deep as seems pretty obvious already, just much less descriptive lyrically which I find is a fault. Still pretty enjoyable, the production is much better compared to Black Moon or something but yea. Nothing out of the box.

  • Isolation was better than I expected. Kali doesn’t have the strongest voice but I find her sensual, nostalgic approach was pulled off well enough. The production and features is what makes this record interesting. Just A Stranger is a bop.

  • Check out the Pete Rock / Inl album if you want some actually captivating, jazzy lounge rap. There’s a sweet Q-Tip feature around the middle.

  • Ay Forest Hills Drive isn’t a bad project. It has its corny spots and theres some sleepers but overall I think Cole has enough rapping ability and interesting ideas to make this album passable.

  • Pls skip this Carnage album if you’ve already heard the singles. Absolute trash.

  • Nicki needs to stop playing with this contemporary R&B shit and make a concise album of fun sexy bangers like Only and Feeling Myself. Otherwise I’m not interested. Pinkprint a phat 4/10.


idk what to listen to anymore bruh but coltrane got some bangers


Best album ever made? maybe.

good mellow music

Best mixtape ever made? maybe.

good sequel :sunglasses:

infinity 888 and $$$ are the only good songs on here


Kinda weird but I like it

i dont even know what this is

not as boring as I remember


the most correct opinions on this site



listen to historian. i don’t usually like female vocalists but lucy dacus is good.


holy fuck i remember the unicorns


best instrumental album all time

interpol is very good

KOD is ok :rolling_eyes:


wow i have THE most idverse taste

  • hop along & marvin gaye make me feel better when i need it
  • uzi goat




thoughts on Depression Cherry? haven’t listened to yet but I’ma do that in the next couple of days

also thoughts on Three 6 albums post-Mystic Styles which I haven’t heard either


its real good

dont have anything else to say on beach house

As far as Three 6-post Mystic Stylez, they arent as rough, dirty and lofi as they once were, they sorta cleaned up the production and made it a bit more uptempo and commercial, but its all still Memphis as fuck and they come through with some real dark bangers. Its only until like… Most Known Unknowns that they go full commercial. I recommend both. Though they are really long and can get tiring I guess.

Mystic Stylez is still by far my favourite Three 6.


  • book of ryan is mad good i really love the topics and introspection Royce brings here, and all the features perfectly compliment him and the songs.

  • as my brother in arms TDE has stated blkswn is the best album of all time

  • lofeye is still my rap aoty

  • illinois is so great!!! sufjan is so good


is anyone there? :sob:



Juicy J - Blue Dream & Lean

Classic tape, makes me miss Lex Luger big time. Juicy is seriously underrated as a rapper IMO, he’s got some nice ass verses on here.

Vince Staples - Hell Can Wait

Vince Staples’ best work IMO, Blue Suede goes duuuuuuuuuumb. I don’t think there’s a bad track on here, save Fire, which is honestly just kinda mediocre. This shit made Vince one of my fav rappers today.

Domo Genesis - Red Corolla

Tape kinda flew under the radar last year, but in my opinion this shit is hot. Doms doesn’t really say much on here, but it’s really fuckin good weed rap nonetheless. Vintage Doms has one of my favorite verses from last year.

Kanye West - Lift Yourself

Scoop di whoop. The beat is really nice so I ended up playing this more than I should have lmao.


3x3 for the last month AMA