3x3 thread




that milo album >>>


Bust that open, I want that ocean, yeah that bite back, lil’ bitch



  • sango album fresh and beautiful (favs: mateo 2.19, khlorine, chemistry, sweet holy honey, out my way)
  • nehru is kinda a boring rapper but the beats are great and his flows are good (favs: driftin’, potassium, again & again)
  • known unknowns is still HOT (favs: all)
  • prhyme 2 is better than i thought on my first listen on npr, but it still doesn’t measure up to the first overall. still SLICK and royce is a very engaging rapper (favs: made men, flirt, era, rock it, loved ones, everyday struggle)
  • xxxtentacion is boring :-\ and not very good /-:
  • El is that dude! self made since 12th grade this my calling
  • chuck strangers debut is really great, mind end up being kinda boring in the long run but rn im loving the whole thing. not too long or anything


OwO what’s this? more t-pain?

I’m a nasty hoe is the only good song on booty tape, yeezus is okay, love letter 2 you 2 is really good, yung bangboy is cool and chuck strangers album was smooth i guess.


-I really fw Elevators, good production all around.
-XXXTabernacle - ? is only on there cause it has so many short tracks and I listened through like 2.5 times for review purposes.
-been on a Saturation kick recently
-Vulfpeck goat
-prhyme 2 pretty good


24/7 lo-fi hip hop radio - beats to study/relax to


ya yeet



Thinkin my laptop last fm counter doubles a lot cause i definitely listened to the new Jack White more than the Evidence album, but it gets kinda messed up. Oh well, it’s probably more like I listen to TPAB the most, Boarding House Reach the 2nd, and Evidence the third. The rest is just stuff i been catching up on and Mac Demarco



yoooo good shit with the Low album there, imo best slowcore record


No clue what happened here but it’s aight uhh



Elevators is GOAT
Vince is good
Tyler is good
PRhyme is ok
Common is good
Kali is great
Knx is good
FJM is good
Bowie is good
Tennis is good
Avalanches is good
NxWorries is good
MGMT is good
Jean Grae is ok
Destroyer is good
Tom Scott is good
Fashawn is good
Apollo Brown is good
Can I work for pitchfork yet


its been good honestly

  • lauren made a good ass project, really love the production and bars on this thing, in addition to features. least fav track gotta be Lexus in the Lobby, hook and beat are the weakest on the whole thing tbh
  • care for me is fantastic! thats all i need to say really go listen to it i love it. LIFE, GREY, PROM, all incredible
  • FBZ is really pretty good. only listened once cuz its long, its nothing groundbreaking but theyre really good at what they do
  • ive been sleep on lucki thats changed though



who are madness?


Ska/new wave group


coma cinema are good slowcore to which i mope

carissa’s weird underrated sadcore band i like how the instrumentals drowns out the vocals sometimes

it’s uhhh my favorite andrew bird album

luke james: this album actually isn’t that good don’t listen to it

kali uchis is perfect human being

boy pablo is cute jams

just listen to coma cinema for some good slowcore!!!