3x3 thread


thank u for the write ups makes me want to listen too

my friend listens to a lot of whatever fm attack is its good


hey thats the same font as the whites are at it again meme



Why you gotta do Talib Kweli like that tho


Arc Iris s/t is my new album i’m probably gonna listen to a thousand times cause I just think it’s amazing.
This new MGMT really good too.
L’Orange is what I put on while driving at night sometimes, The Orchid Days is one of my favorite hip hop albums in general.
Thought Franz Ferdinand was okay, probably won’t come back to it though.
Black Panther album has some dope tracks.
Higher Brothers, Joji, and Rich Brian all on there cause I went to the 88rising show in LA last weekend and i was brushing up on the discographies of the artists.
TLOP on there cause i listened to the new mixes after that fantano re-review. I usually listen to the first mixes but these new mixes are actually pretty tight so i’m probably gonna go with those from now on



-Everything is Recorded: aoty so far for me
-Coloring Book: got into an argument about it with some friends so I spun it a couple times to solidify my opinion. Good tape.
-Little Dark Age: 2nd place for aoty for me, good times all around.
-Late Registration: Had to take these mfers back to school.
-Lil Boat: hype for Lil Boat 2
-Long.Live.A$AP: decided to try it again since i never really finished it, a few standout tracks but I much prefer ALLA.
-Bucket List Project: Still in my rotation, still catching new things i ain’t notice before.
-Thrill of the Arts: was in a Vulfpeck mood
-Saturation 2: was in a Brockhampton mood



i’ve been very fuckin emo lately


Yooo Good and Evil is amazing


apparently roc and zay aint ever gonna leave my 3x3


Jericho Jackson :eyes:





Tbh didn’t listen to a whole lot of music this week.

Ok so Saba is apparently staying in my 3x3s forever.
I checked out this Sylvan Lacue joint cause I saw him perform at the Jay Electronica concert, but I only actually listened to it once. There’s just a lot of short tracks on there so that’s why it’s in the 3x3.
Black Milk - Fever, still good, in my top of the year list for now.
I listen through Tetsuo & Youth every once in a while still.
I made the mistake of starting to listen to Amine and can’t stop, he’s probably gonna be on my one next week as well.
Rest is just stuff I was in the mood to listen to a few tracks from.


This week I learned:

  • LUV Is Rage 2 is, indeed, the best trap album last year. So fun.


  • Jeff Mangum is my dad (ITAOTS stays bangin and Olivia Tremor Control is fantastic weird freaky psych shit that i love)

  • M83 is my 2nd dad

  • Broke With Expensive Taste was alright, more than it was hyped up to be. I usually love hiphouse but meh.

  • Funk IS great (i knew that but this week reminded me with Parliament, Betty Davis [not pictured], Funkadelic [not pictured], Thundercat and CG.

  • Old electronic music isn’t as cheesy as I once hypothesized. Very enjoyable stuff despite the synths not being super detailed compared to today. ([Not pictured - Walter Gibbons - Jungle Music, Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene])

  • Bone-Thugs is overrated. Three 6 Mafia did them better like a full 4-6 months before them.

  • Superorganism is the next big thing in indie, guaranteed. The Brockhampton comparison holds up to an extent.


a week since my last

  • stolen youth is a classic
  • royalty is the best ep of the trilogy
  • evidence album one of the best releases so far
  • jamila makes my heart happy
  • AAL album is great if you like uhhh sounds


wuzz peekaboo


electronic synthpop


why am i such a sad bitch lmao


havent done one in a while