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yung bans :triumph:


  • Portrait in Jazz? More like Portrait in Bad! itwasactuallydecentthoughjustalittleboring

  • A T R O C I T Y E X H I B I T I O N I S G O O D

  • Flower Boy makes me have the feelies wowowwow=owowjnfdsjkfd :frowning:

  • Barter 6 bumps

  • Classical music? More like Assical Music! (nah but I enjoyed this more than anticipated i would listen again)

  • Why the fuck did i waste an hour and 45 minutes on this, if your album as long as a film it better give me head and a swirled ice cream

  • Jeffery bumps harder than b4

  • Trap Lord bumps harder than Young Thug

  • Dawn was actually surprisingly dope. Yall prolly know this but I didn’t like A Crow Looked At Me at all really, this one I think is sharper and has better songwriting that makes it overall more engaging.

  • Veteran was cool, I picked up on a lot of contemporary influences but his sense of satire, production and presence is pretty impressive. Excited to see where he goes from here.


  • Really liked this Evidence album! First solid dust project of 2018 I can see myself returning to throughout the year. The production was gorgeous and while Evidence isnt the type of MC to standout in a cypher, he definitely is strong commanding this thing in his own right. The track with Mach Hommy and the one with Rapsody and Styles P were both nuts good.


  • Frankard Sinatraman Sings Some Cool Diddy Bops !

  • Marvinly Gayerstein Sings Some Cool Diddy Bops !

  • Really loved this Yussef Kamaal album, definitely everyone on the forum could get into it. Jazz-funk-fusion with some instrumental hiphop. Kinda FlyLo-ish.

  • Ty Segall: If King Gizzard Was Good

  • Miles Ahead is Miles Ahead a few of his albums!

  • Entertainment? More like… Not Entertaining! (it was actually pretty great love the dancy basslines on this)


  • meh not my favourite tyler but its cool it has its highlights. def too messy and unfocused a lot, im glad tyler took the criticism from cherry bomb and really smoothed out its creases for flower boy.

  • People Who Can Eat People: its short, its fun, got batshit hilarious lyrics so I like to throw it on sometimes I recommend it

  • What the fuck is this guys hype, he sounds like if you took James Blake’s last two records and somehow made them even more whiny and white.

  • Dont really need to explain it

  • DOOOOPEEE Garage rock band of 3 dudettes. Fire basslines and some really off the wall singing I love it.


Seconding Yussef Kamaal, really solid album. Haven’t done one of these in ages, so here’s a 5x5 for the last month.

Maxo didn’t disappoint with this one.

Can’t with for Ravyn Lenae’s stuff with Steve Lacy to come out. Her EP has so many solid bops, title track makes me feel some way

If you’re into fun disco-revival type stuff, check Miami Horror

s/o @sarah for Lemon Boy. quality sadboi music

Banks and Steelz is so trashy but I sorta love it. Definitely a guilty pleasure.

New Rat Boy EP isn’t as good as Scum, but it’s certainly not bad either.

Sir was kinda disappointing considering how good Something Foreign was but there are a couple of jams in there.

I liked some of the tracks on the Chris Dave album but too many of them felt unformed and underwritten.

Simmie Season is :fire:

Traspasa is :fire:

Didn’t listen to all the tracks on Culture II, just the ones I heard were good. Really like all the ones where they deviate away from their usual style, rest are trash. Stir Fry, Gang Gang, Too Playa and Made Men are my favourites.

First time listening to Jamie T. Can definitely see now why people say he’s a big influence of Rat Boy’s.

Rich Forever 3 >> Culture II

IDK is :fire: and he can sing really well too. Hook on Black Sheep, White Dove blew me away.

Highly recommend Afro-Harping by Dorothy Ashby. Pretty much the only jazz harp, I’ve listened to but if it’s all like this I need some more. For some reason, latin jazz and harp just fit together perfectly. Very smooth


what am i doing with my life


Rites of Spring and Minor Threat :thumbsup: been looking to get into them recently


Rites is probably the GOAT emo band tbh, and Minor Threat is Minor Threat. Funnily enough, I haven’t really looked into Fugazi at all. I’ve heard like a handful of songs from them and they sound alright.


Fugazi’s a pretty incredible band if you’re into hardcore with some noisy/post punk edge, Repeater is a good place to start


Accidentally uploaded this as a reply to Tony, ignore that


i mope to lemon boy so often goddamn


possibly the most homie of sexual 5x5 I have ever seen.


Oh look my 3x3 is only slightly different again


more of the same


uhhh i feel obligated to write a thing under this now

i still listen to lemon boy a lot because im a sad bitch

ive been moping to mount eerie/everything phile elverum does lately and dawn is definitely my favorite

uh one day i got v high and listened to lots of flylo

alright bye




  • Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane over the Sea
    Happy 20th anniversary you fucked up beautiful anne frank lusting potato faced bastard (excellent record)

  • 2Pac - All Eyez On Me
    This record grew on me a bit this week, I think 2pac’s delivery just got old to me before. But now I’m starting to get used to stuff. Still can’t listen to the entire thing in one go though, but I don’t think that’s the idea. All About U is a bop.

  • The Roots - Game Theory
    This fucking blew my mind.

  • Ice Cube - Death Certificate
    Skipped the first 3 tracks cause Ice Cube can’t rap in 2017 but this entire record fantasmic. No Vaseline is fucking cold I love it.

  • Gang Starr - Moment of Truth
    Great groovy instrumentals, meaningful bars. Worth my time for sure. B.I. vs Friendship, Above the Clouds and In Memory Of… are my fav tracks

  • The Roots - How I Got Over
    Super solid Roots record as well, not as mind blowing as Game Theory or Phrenology, but just really thoughtful lyrics, well composed instrumentals and incredible drumming, loved the drumming on this. Blu kills it on his track.

  • Jamila Woods - Heavn
    Yung Erykah Badu melts my heart everytime I listen man. I love the skits on this thing.

  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Return to 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version
    Actually, despite ODB being my favourite Wu member, never had heard this project, just the tracks Shimmy Shimmy Ya and Brooklyn Zoo. Listening to this was crazy, its almost as good as other Wu members’ solo projects, he goes wild for the whole thing, and to my surprise because spotify doesnt list the features for this, GFK, Rae and Meth are all on this and they all fucking DELIVER! Glad I listened. ODB’s just “no fucks to give I will shit on your living room floor” attitude never gets old, I don’t rly care if he’s not the most lyrical of the group.

  • Rites of Spring - Rites of Spring
    Meh, I liked the intensity and the vocals, it just got a bit samey. Wished it was a bit shorter.

  • Ice Cube - Amerikkka’s Most Wanted
    Dope dope dope project, he shows on this he is capable of making better projects than all of NWA together. Didn’t drag on despite the length and seemingly daunting lack of other people on it.

  • Amine - GoodForYou
    Yea I’ve definitely cooled on this project but I still love his upbeat style and way of spitting, he has a nutty flow. He can also put together a hell of a fun pop song here and there. Its just as a project it could have been trimmed of the fat and stitched together in some neat way. Maybe used a few more introspective tracks because I still don’t know Amine as a person and his genuine positivity calls for that.

  • AJJ - Knife Man
    Bit less folky than their debut but enjoyable nonetheless. Gonna have to relisten cause getting the lyrics is the best part.

  • The Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde
    FINALLY getting to this after Poog has shilled it countless times on here and I’ve seen a lot of acclaim for it elsewhere lol, had only really played the shit out of Passin Me By at that point. The whole project is quirky, funny, witty and wacked out. Tons of personality on this thing. It was really fun to listen to. Very layered production for its time too, I could definitely see myself coming back to this a lot. I think the valuable lesson here is that @poogle2404 has really incredible taste.

  • Erykah Badu - Mama’s Gun
    I don’t have much to say about it despite loving the fucking hell out of this thing. It’s just enjoyably funky and intimate. Badu has a very lovely voice. This paired well listening to it along with Ms. Modern Badu, Jamila Woods :slight_smile:

  • Husker Du - New Day Rising

  • Black Star - Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star
    Mos Def and that other guy make a classic.

  • The Roots - Phrenology
    Rap rock… but good?

  • Archy Marshall - A New Place 2 Drown
    Eh, its murky and dark instrumental hiphop with not too much edge to be distracting. Pretty non-descript. King Krule is better as King Krule.

  • Steve Roach - Dreamtime Return
    Actually fell asleep listening to this one. But I checked it out cause its tribal ambient which sounds interesting. Ill just mark it down as good for now.

  • Daniel Johnston - Hi How Are You
    I’m not so sure what genre i’d put this under. Lofi indie? Outsider music? Idk, but essentially its like super low quality recorded “jam sessions” that sound like they are from like 70 years ago. I find the very unpolished aspect of this is the whole point of it though, the tunes and dialogue underneath evoke memories in your head of things that haven’t even happened to you, old turmoils, and old battles, as if you were flipping through a scrapbook of old photos. It was actually a very touching project to me, I haven’t been sucked into an album like that in quite a while.

  • Battles - Mirrored
    This is probably my favourite math rock project of all time, if you can call it that. It crosses genres almost like as much as I change underwear. Pretty off the walls.

  • The Roots - The Tipping Point
    Definitely the Roots low point. Supppppppper boring. I guess you could call it the tipping point :blacyoungsta:

  • Burial - Untrue

  • Angel Olsen - MY WOMAN
    Pretty dope. Better than the average indie rock release, although I don’t think it was one of the best of 2016 like a lot of people were saying.

  • The Weeknd - House of Balloons
    I liked it.



listen to the twin fantasy remaster or u have made a bad choice