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do people generally like weezer’s older stuff? i grew up on their music so its special to me, but i have no idea how other ppl rate their music


i like burst apart better than hospice


where tf is bandana at, also who decided to give domo genesis 2 feat. on this thing

punken was dope, although it wasnt worth the wait. maxo could be crankin out music like young thug

listen to nudyland if you havnet. a lot of these songs are infectiously catchy.




People generally think the first couple Weezer albums are the best



Weezer’s old stuff is like the only stuff most people like of theirs generally, aside from like the White Album. the Blue Album and Pinkerton are considered classics. My personal favourite is the latter, it fuses really muddy, lofi emo aesthetics with really catchy power pop that doesn’t sound clean and underwritten like most of their later material.


it’s weird growing up with music because i feel like i see it in a different light :thinking:

for me i love all of weezer’s early work likeblue album and pinkerton, and the red album has a special place in my heart. red album underrated its got humor and catchiness spewing from its orifices. i love weezer


  • Highly Intoxicated is quite a bit better than Shutdafukup. Both tapes are pretty good but HI just has more edge on the production side of things. It also helps that the features break up the monotony.

  • Neo Wax Bloom still the wildest album of last year it goes so fuckin hard

  • RIP Fredo :heart:

  • Frank Sinatra has some smooth jams that album was coo


  • Zion II is really fucking long but consistently great the whole way through, if youre like me, you can knock out the listen while playing a game that you dont need to hear things in
  • SiR’s new album (debut?) is really fabulous and the almost sci fi elements that the tracks incorporate at various ends/beginnings is really interesting. reminds me of ex machina or something
  • first time listening to both of these ghostface albums, and i gotta say their length is not even that bad, the quality of each track is high enough to warrant including them all on the album. of the two i felt fishscale had more of a narrative flow to it because of the skits compared to supreme clientile. in the future i’d be more inclined to listen to fishscale all the way through than SC. correct me if im wrong it was only my first listen.
  • evidence has some fantastic instrumentals to listen to while youre doing shit. not shown here is that domo x evidence tape that was really great and worthy of the listen
  • princess nokia’s album was also very fun to listen to and it really made me like her personality on the mic.



feel the same on fishscale vs supreme clientele tbh I don’t rock with supreme clientele the same way most ppl do


This SiR album the first RnB project i really fw’d since Malibu, listened to it quite a few times all the way through already. Also been revisiting The Sun’s Tirade a lot in hopes that Zaywop drops some stuff this year. Higher Brothers new EP pretty dope. The rest is just stuff I’ve been in the mood for. Still think blkswn is too long though.


blkswn is a bit too long i agree. its like 17? tracks, could probably shorten it to 14-15 and it would work better. how good is pharaoh height, i’ve never peeped it


I love Pharaoh Height, it’s like every song Lupe tops himself from the last song. My personal favs on it are VALLEYS and SCHEMES


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that dvsn album is mad good


way better than the garbage they put out this year


oh. i really liked morning after. but you can hurt my feelings like that its ok


sick shit


lemon boy makes me have the feelies wowowwow=owowjnfdsjkfd :frowning:

new first aid kit was just ok