3x3 thread


glad u fw’d it shit marvelous


u already know wtf goin on


TSOL, Minor Threat AND Shad? damn this a lowkey good ass 3x3

i liked my 3x3 this week bc the music almost as varied as the album covers


Exams make me want to BlOw My BrAiNs OuT :smiley:

New Brockhampton great
Tomppabeats is a beautiful reminder of what I should be doing right now, studying.
New NERD is super super bouncy and fun and great, album art trash, but damn Pharrell is in a second golden age that started with Get Lucky and kept going with BUSH, a modern day masterpiece. And GIRL was good too. Pharrell in that Caps Lock core now.
They don’t call it Saturation “II” for nothing…
Avalanches yeah
Fleet Foxes is good again
Run the Jewels for the first time in like 3 years, Jesus Christ I can’t stand El-P as a rapper. Otherwise pretty ok.
Portuguese David Bowie is good for the soul


Y’all already kno


crack up was disappointing


Stop this immediately


crack up actually grew on me its really beautiful, i got it top 10 of 2017 now




ew you listened to full christmas ALBUMS?

people like you disgust me



playlists or die








this is a hippity hoppity forum

wheres the hippity hoppity




we up in here