3x3 thread


I mostly listen to physical records but been out and about a lot this week so done listened to full albums a lot from the phone and shit. been binging on Common, love that shit, if you aint listened to The Diary by J Dilla you gotta do it its a classic, Deante Hitchcock album legit good too. good shit


Mostly listening to music on CDs in my car right now so this is a little inaccurate.

Yall know tomppa.
Zaireeka is fucking cool, you gotta play 4 CDs simultaneously. Got a crew together and had our minds melted. I played CD4.
Yall know Due Rent
Olivia Tremor Control that nice middle ground between beach boys and neutral milk hotel.
Best Beck album
Fear Fun is least sad Father John Misty
These last three i barely played, but they’re things I’ve already been bumping for a while


Black Foliage is pretty damn good

I play Yeezus front to back about once a week btw


that antlers album makes me weep like a baby its so good

ur sad jams are quality


Absolutely. SILY, Godspeed, and Soft Bulletin all super great things :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Haha look more Tyler bullshit big surprise.

Shoutout to Omar for putting me on to Tomppa, that boy good.


I was in my feelings and listened to a lot of Mantra and Suicidal Thoughts.

The desktop scrobbler hasn’t been working so I wanna say that the EARL mixtape would be here if it did. I’ve been going thru that tape and I’ve busted like 3 nuts to Earl’s flow and rhyme schemes on that album. I like his depressing shit but it would be cool if he could just spit again.

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Casu must be great to know no one will ever beat you up cause you know if they touch you they finna cut theyselves on all that edge you got


Yo first 3x3, all of my most listened to stuff since i started using like a month ago


Aned always coming through with a little something for everyone


Turn on the Bright Lights :heart:


the bottom a mess


32 levels is a good ass album


coldblood is boring background music

same for regulate

the rest is all good or great (mango and payface and steve lacy especially)


i have only had this account for 10 days

the paramore album is really good if u like whiny synth pop/80’s throwback

the destiny project is pretty good but kinda inconsistent. like lana del ray lyrical concepts but soul.

i listened to honor killed the samurai twice and while ka’s lyrics are like prose they are very interesting and attention-capturng, i get frustated when i cant identify instruments in a beat so i was like :unamused:

sza’s writing encapsulates all my hoe ass feelings which i appreciate

doris is the better earl project

i need to stop editing this bye



born like this is mad underrated

portishead is good



I don’t even know what hip hop is at this point. I’m a changed man

Lazer Guided Melodies is some groovy sad shit.
Ladies and Gentleman is less groovy but more orchestra/noisy stuff so it’s cool too.
Zombies are the best thing from the 60s.
Wyclef is pretty good solo, skits are annoying, some weak tracks, but the Lauryn Hill tracks are mad heat.
Velvet Underground is good but I’m hardly the first to think that.
Lol Straight Outta Compton is ok.
Information best Beck album.
New Order
Handsomeboy Technique is fun and bouncy.

See yall in a week :v:


Portishead is sooo fucking good. Dummy is like one of my favorite albums of all time


That Velvet Underground is good but I prefer the self-titled one or Loaded over Nico.

Also, disagree on the Beck album statement. Either Odelay or Midnite Vultures is the best Beck album. Information one of his better ones though. If you get the CD of it, I’m pretty sure you get stickers and are able to customize the cover of the album to whatever you want with them.


White Light/White Heat is the best one