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had to edit in the king crimson albums cuz robert fripps a bitch and the hand habits album cuz no one bothered to put up the cover on

everything is in order from most to least recent

  • Ride - Going Blank Again (9/10)
    excellent! extremely well written, filled with texturing shoegazy guitars and fun alt rock hooks. exciting from front to back, fun as hell to jam out to.

  • Mitski - Be the Cowboy (9/10)
    starting to realize this album’s greatness!! the lyrics deal with personal and interpersonal problems this humbling, humanitarian way but also seem to relate them to broader socio-political and existential problems which is really neat. it also sounds so inspired and easy to listen to for an artsy indie rock record. breath of fresh air fr

  • Oxbow - Thin Black Duke (7/10)
    really cool. don’t have much to say about it, great production with strings, guitar, horns and piano/weirdly funny but intimidating vocalist/very dark and brooding, almost has a militaristic/cult feel. i’ll probably like it more with subsequent listens when I care a little more.

  • Soda Stereo - Dynamo (7/10)
    very pleasant, slightly groovy, adequate for my recent shoegaze binge.

  • Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (5/10)
    i… still don’t really care for Bob Dylan. idk if anything of his will win me over, the very mundane banjo strumming, his tired vocal inflection and wailing harmonica solos just get very boring after a while. his storytelling is quite dope though, thats the one thing i really admire.

  • King Crimson - Red (9/10) and Discipline (8/10)
    King Crimson continues to be probably my only caveat in my dislike for prog rock. they sound sooooo fucking ahead of the curve, my god they just really understood how to avoid cheesiness. Discipline is especially surprising, given they took 7 years hiatus after Red and managed to make a completely original and astounding new wave inspired record, as their contemporaries at that point were all washed. i will probably revisit these real soon, as well as their other records.

  • Mach Hommy - HBO (9/10), The Spook (8/10), Fetes Des Mortes (7/10), Dump Gawd: Hommy Edition (7/10)
    HBO is becoming one of my favourite records of all time. seamless experience that doesnt exhaust itself despite its length, which Dump Gawd seems to do even though its far shorter. on the daily i catch myself hearing the biggie sample from Trezeta Air Max in my head. The Spook (w/ Knx) is also an incredible pairing, he glides so effortlessly over those shits is beautiful. Fetes Des Mortes was cool I hope it grows on me

  • Quelle Chris - Being You Is Great… (6/10)
    I grew on it a little bit (which is great, ive been trying for a while to understand it) but, even though i think Quelle is really unique and has a great sense of humor, he puts me to absolute sleep vocally. its just too subtle for my taste (which is weird cause Roc and Ka are in my wheelhouse). great features on here tho

  • Roc Marciano - Reloaded (10/10), Rosebudd’s Revenge 2: The Bitter Dose (5/10)
    Reloaded is immaculate. everything just blows me away even more when i relisten to it, how he even managed to think of the sample choices is beyond me. RR2 is a little rough, it has some moments but its terribly unnotable to me which I guess is an unpopular opinion. bed spring king is off-putting too.

  • Issac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul (9/10)
    whew this was absolutely just wow. this first listen was like a line of cocaine. unbelievable guitar work on here for starters. spoke to me spiritually i swear

  • Hand Habits - Placeholder (4/10)

  • Death - Individual Thought Patterns (7/10)
    it bangs but i literally cant tell a difference between this and the previous record

  • Faith No More - Angel Dust (4/10)
    lord this was…boring and cringy. the ironic R&B song at the end of this alt metal record is better than the previous 80% of it

  • Julia Jacklin - Crushing (5/10)
    cute, a little generic n sounds a lot like mitski tho

  • Notorious BIG - Ready To Die (8/10)
    Not much to add that hasn’t already been said. I don’t feel a massive personal connection to it though… it just feels like a very admirable classic with great songs.

  • Isaiah Rashad - Cilvia Demo (9/10)
    i need LP2 babe please

  • Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head (9/10)
    It blows me away how they came up with so many iconic riffs and sequences on one album. goddamn.

  • Lomelda - M for Empathy (5/10)
    indie album #39854938908549853904583094t58349085940583945809345830945834 that manages to not grab any of my attention

  • Little Simz - Grey Area (7/10)
    sick use of a distinct aesthetic and sound palette with the beats that match her pretty slick and bouncy flow/delivery. its short and doesnt meander at all. very impressed, i was pretty sure this was gonna be a skippable album going into this

  • 2 Chainz - Rap or Go to the League (7/10)
    a little spotty but manages to come out with an enjoyable run of songs. Not as soulful all the way through as I would have liked but the extent to which it all bangs kinda makes up for it. Kendrick’s verse could have been better… and i wasnt a fan of the first tracks hook, or the lyrics on the final track.

  • Solange - When I Get Home (8/10)
    Just an entire clusterfuck of features and guests that was impossible to go wrong, but in the end Solange came through with a very pleasant and unified, glitchy, soulful experience. best record of the year so far


faith no more is a bust, i liked some of this album as a kid but i have never been able to listen to a single song all the way through in recent years. way too tryhard.


but also big fella are you telling me to listen to that coldplay album? because i will do it.


aight no way i let ur ppinions go to waste i gotta respond so here goes:

bob dylan - DAMN but i guess in this day and age dylans personality might give off that ‘pretentious art student’ vibe even tho he pulls it so nicely on most of his records; funny but Highway 61 Revisited is my 2nd favorite in his big trio after Bringing it all Back home; maybe his second-hand classics (Blood on the Tracks, John Wesley Harding) would be more enjoyable to you

king crimson - i feel like i will never not get goosebumps when i hear the opening of 21st Century Schizoid Man; king crimson was definitely my favorite band on earth during those three months when i first discovered them; i still adore most of their stuff, dont sleep on In The Wake of Poseidon too! its basically ‘In The Court’-revisited but some of their tracks on it are absolute gems; Cat Food features some of my favorite drumming ever across all genres, its so breezy fresh i cant help it

mach-hommy - becomes my favorite rapper off of one album lmao, Dump Gawd actually might be my most recent ‘ten out of ten’, took me a while to get into but good lord what a ride this project is; his other albums are great but yet to grow on me properly in the same way Dump Gawd did

Quelle Chris - loved his lowkey style, him and Open Mike Eagle on the same track would probably put me into hibernation right there on the spot; not my favorite project of his and id def suggest Everything’s Fine in before any of his solo projects

Marc - RR2 grew on me actually, i still cant get over the bed spring sample and that horrendous Drake impersonation on one of the tracks; aside from that its tight, Reloaded tho is fucking water

Death - damn death metal records sounding the same, never heard that before! try Symbolic tho

Biggie - this is the album that taught me English fucking language lmfao i really feel like it should be a must for people in terms of understanding slang (i dont wanna say ebonics you know how it is) but other than that its immaculate almost top to bottom (a few tracks on the 2nd half are kinda lacking even tho on their own theyre good)


my week. i got nothing special to say. AL-90 album bumps. teens of denial is masterful.


random album from each line:

Lil Wayne - been on that short Wayne binge earlier this week, never cared for TC1 much but really feeling it right now. Snitch, Cash Money Millionaires, Hoes are all bangers definitely, could see it growing on me even more (im not too constant on listening to waynes projects i admit)

Project Pat - i dont mind Memphis rap but never cared for it much; recently ive been reading a bit more on it and decided to give this Project Pat proj a go and goodness gracious what an album! i dont think ive ever heard Juicy J sounding as good as he is on this one. the beats are all fire, you know how it is with DJ Paul prod

Armand Hammer - another recent bingeoni of mine, been trying out those early Armand Hammer projects, dont think ive heard Half Measures before so gave it a spin; its p good, theyre still coming into their own and i like the production although its not as vibrant as their later releases. one thing though, i am so in love with woods rapping: he sounds exactly like the guy with ‘the end is nigh’ poster all day on the streets, he reminds me of Tom Waits a lot and id surely call him the hip-hop Tom Waits even tho i dont like the ‘x is y’s z’ thing

The Roots - this is probably my favorite Roots project, only next to Do You Want More, like em a lot but for entirely different reasons - while DYWM sounds very fun, cheerful, and kinda in its own bubble, HIGO is very concerned with the reality and how you could overcome it to be a better you; very inspiring and musically some of their tighest yet most accessible work imo; too bad the features dont really shine through, theyre mostly good aside from uhhh yeah i dont remember, there was one feature that i liked but i dont recall who it was, Dice Raw maybe

Dead Kennedys - DK is one of my favorite bands ever and Frankenchrist is not only my favorite album of theirs but literally in my top3 of all time across all genres; they sound fucking morbid on this one, but im glad that its much more consistent and diverse-sounding than their other projects that i enjoy but always thought sound roughly the same; Franken sticks out tho and thats what i love about it. the topics are scarily relevant but only so scary until you realize that theyre relevant not only to a different time but also to a different place, country rather; one thing for sure tho, Reagan done fucked you up my merican friends thats for goddamn certain


month 4x4



been busy lately but yeah random album from each line:

Busdriver - hated this album for years but grown to like it later, i think i still cant wrap my head around it even tho its like my millionth listen

Big Daddy Kane - i have so much fun listening to bdk, hes one of my favorites ever with so much charizma and skills on the mic that may across as too much ‘lyrical miracle’ these days but i can imagine how crazy it all sounded back then

Kanye - 808s is one of my least favorite projects from him and upon my revisit after like 3 years of not listening to it… its still mid yeah, feels too dragged out in places and quite tame comparing to whats coming; i get it its influential which doesnt mean good a lot of the times, like here for example

Walterwarm & Lordapex - cool album that reminds me of MIKE/sixpress stuff a lot, modern abstract lo-ft sound with bars about nothing memorable. give it a spin if ur looking for something similar to who i mentioned

Raw Poetic - ive not seen one mention of this project anywhere on the internet, the only rym rating is 2.5 stars or something which is baffling, the instrumentation on this one is cool, reminds me a bit of indie rock sound albeit not very diverse, rapping is also pretty good and the songs themselves are actually different from one another, will definitely recommend this one to a few people in the future, its worth a shot



random album from each line:

OutKast - rarely do i listen to s/tlb but when i do i kinda remember how good it actually is; im not sure which disk do i prefer but off the top of my head speakerboxxx sounded much more cohesive and consistently enjoyable while the love below took more risks and had a few very catchy tracks

Joey Bada$$ - my fave proj from joey is prob all american, but recently i revisited 1999 and actually liked it way more than last time i heard it; mostly for how nice the rapping was, maybe its been a sec since i heard any beast coast stuff (not true) but this one felt quite refreshing and also atmospheric, perfect for early March mornings with the boom bap beats and all

Denzel Curry - dont think ive listened to planet shrooms in full before but its pretty good all in all, the latter half was super strong; to me denzel before taboo was much more exciting and artistically sufficient if that makes sense? taboo felt kinda watered down even tho i liked it, his earlier projects are all quite good almost top to bottom and his more obvious flaws arent as apparent as they were recently

Kendrick - so yeah ive not heard DAMN for some time now, its still great but i remember super good and the tracks that i like i still like a lot (shoutout GOD.)

Hawkwind - ive been listening to some gems from Hawkwind discography, this is a UK space rock band that was mostly prominent during the 70s, they got some insane tunes full of psychedelic sci-fi sounds and topics; Danny Brown sampled one of the tracks off of In Search of Space album, find out for yourself which one was it, the album is great and short so its definitely worth a listen



Listening to Ill Communication and it still doesn’t hit me like Check Your Head does. Gotta keep giving it closer listens, I guess.


last 2 weeks

fraud albums (albums that i streamed a lot but dont like):

  • wire - pink flag
  • david crosby - if only i could remember my name
  • cut copy - bright like neon love


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