Is My Shit Tight? Reviews Thread


I don’t have tons of views yet, but I’m working on it.


New shit by PJ from Atlantic Records. Watch & share if you’re diggin’ it.


I’m gathering feedback for 2 things right now.

First is “Flex” by INGRID:

second is the Tory Lanez album as a whole (or you stand out tracks).

Call 323-380-8367 and leave your feedback.


For our latest review we combined our hotline & our street reviews.


This is up on the hotline (323-380-8367)






Any requests?



shoutout @thugger

turn your volume down btw


this is probably legitimately illegal to play in public


it should be illegal anyway bc of how terrible it is


Post malone - Money Made Me Do It

Rae Sremmurd - Swang

Noname - Reality Check


swang is a good one for the show


See who likes that hook

It shouldn’t sound good but it really doos



when he hits the high notes


thats either prepubescence or talent


I linked with King Vory (he helped write “Don’t” for Bryson Tiller). He wants us to review his new song “Overdose”, what do you think about it?


His voice is good but I hate the beat so much.

Way too busy for me, don’t like the backing track either.

Then again I do have the worst opinions on this site so get some second opinions :yeslawd: