Is My Shit Tight? Reviews Thread


I dont even like the song, drams voice is really weird to me. always switch when his erse on broccoli comes on.


Yup that’s us man. Super stoked that you seen the video!


Broccoli is Top 40 in the country. It definitely comes on the radio. I’m not sure how well “Cute” is going to do yet. We’ll see.


Thanks for checking out the video too man!!


Today is the last day to call. 6pm pacific time.


Our second hotline review features a song by PARTYNEXTDOOR called “Don’t Do It For You No More” produced by Bizness Boi, Souf West & Th3ory.


What song should I put up on the hotline today?


just gonna drop some random suggestions that i feel aren’t heard all that much (at least less than a million views on youtube)


Just added Isaiah Rashad’s new joint “Free Lunch” to our hotline song of the week. Call in and help us review this track 323-380-8367. The hotline will be open until Friday night. Cheers


that overdoz. is wavy


AYYY i made it into the video


thanks for calling homie!


I made it too! Honolulu dude. I may have been slightly intoxicated.


lol nah your feedback was on point man. Thank you!


Here’s what people are saying on Twitter so far about “Free Lunch”.


i honestly love your idea


nate u got the big forehead! and u used unique WHO ARE U BROOOOOO! hhaha +1.


much love man thank you!


Last day to call in for Isaiah Rashad’s new single.


New shit! Isaiah Rashad - Free Lunch.
Thank you for supporting