Is My Shit Tight? Reviews Thread


I started a hotline where people from around the country can call in and help us review our songs of the week and weekend. Our first hotline review features a song by Big Baby D.R.A.M. called “Cute” produced by Charlie Heat of G.O.O.D. Music.

Check it out if you get time

Here’s our current song of the weekend if you want to help -


I helped review PARTYNEXTDOOR's new single

This is a sick idea man. I’ll be sure to call frequently!


This idea is fucking sick man


thank you! That would be love! We’re doing one a new PND song today.


thank you! Much love homie I appreciate you & I’m glad you fuck with it.


Do y’all have a song in mind for the next hotline review?


When is the next one gonna be? Maybe frank will have dropped lmao


Starting yesterday I’m releasing something every Sunday & Thursday now. lol aight whenever it drops help me decide which track from the album we should pick.


Aight haha. Imma call in for this week


you da man. On Monday’s I’m going to do a “song of the week” and on Friday’s I start the “song 4 the weekend”.


Aight imma try to participate whenever i can


no rush homie thanks again!


Are you the same guys that go to cities and let the public listen to songs?


I left a review but I kept stuttering and shit can I redo it?


yea go ahead!


Write a script.


maybe I will. take that


I wasn’t joking. I have this friend who is super awkward on the phone, he literally writes on some paper what he wants to order and says it then. Weird thing is hes really confident in real life, just phones make him weird.


ok good cause I was actually gonna do that


Cute is the hottest single of the summer is what the first caller said. This aint gonna get radio play, if broccoli barely gettin it.

fantastic idea tho with the call ins. Very cool idea.