I'm in thailand


Got to Thailand on Tuesday night. I’m sick as fuck… in bed all day today. Otherwise the city of Bangkok is fucking lit. Best food I’ve ever had.

I got sick on the plane. 24 hours of flying in 1 day. I think it’s jet lag… day 3 of being sick now :expressionless:


stay safe, don’t overdo it on the coke and thai ladyboys, protect your neck, wash your ass and godbless


stay dangerous, overdo the coke n prostitutes like you’re don draper with that tiger blood #biwinning, i hope you find a well tailored bintang singlet and an even better tailored strain of malaria and ride jetskis and hunt animals n shit like you playin far cry irl


you out there touring the world but we can’t have a fully functioning chat???



nah ur fine zig just wear a condor


Yes zig, wear a condor
the best protection from sex is not getting any


holy shit that bird is so ugly it’s basically the slammin of bird


10 characters


fr tho that bird look like a wrinkly ballsack


gilf pussy lookin bird ass smh




what a beautiful and majestic bird. I bet bird gets all the bitches


you still in thailand?

edit: im still not


Nope I’ll be back in Jan if you want to chill


can i get an update on the thailand status


Not there anymore but going back in a few weeks.


business trip?


missing those thick, solid, tight ladyboys


nah i work for myself now thanks to cryptocurrency, planning to travel around asia and europe for the next few months.