Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


Future and Young Thug are probably the best. Maxo's very very good though, very into what I've heard from him so far.


Exactly, their music will still be available to us in the future, even if nobody cares about them. Lol People were pissed when Datpiff's "big project" was Fabolous, just to show how little people care about some of those guys now.


yeah but the "enjoy them while you still can" part trips me up because i'm pretty sure you can enjoy an artist whenever you want regardless of when they came out.


Yeah that was my point lol. I was agreeing with you.


oh nvm then i'm not intelligetn i look like a big dumb fool now


A verse can have objectively better lyricism/wordplay etc.


no, because you can't objectively measure that


fuck xxxtentacion and his shitty fanbase acting like he's the return of jesus christ


this is a list of nerd music


call casting > bad n boujee >t shirt


this order is in the exact opposite of the correct order


Chief Keef hasn't really fell off. He just hasn't released much music. Bang 3 was one of his latest releases and it was received as a pretty decent project.


The rest of Odd Future (Mike, Dom, Left, Hodgy) are good artists, they just never capitalized on probably one of the biggest waves in hiphop/rap music thus far. Odd Future really set off another large phase of this genre and they should've taken 100% advantage of it, they just didn't. They still do have talent though.


well no shit sherlock it's the DOOM discography and DOOM is kind of a nerd. props for figuring out that this is indeed "nerd music" we're all so proud of you b



He definitely fell off.


Also fuck anyone who says shit like "Free X." If the allegations are true he's a piece of shit and needs some time to think.


In a way this is very true


I agree andrew


@kepz http://www.xxlmag.com/files/2017/01/Chief-Keef-Two-Zero-One-Seven-cover-art.jpg

@SupremeDOOM Fr? Vaudeville Villian?


i bet expektoration is in your top 5 huh