Hip hop CMV/unpopular opinion thread


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i actually fw the hybrid about as much as XXX

none of those songs are really as personal as XXX or old and definitely not as innovative as AE. its really clear that danny brown didnt find his style yet (the mixtape before the hybrid is collabo w/ tony yayo and 2 lil b feats, he wouldnt do that today) but it has some good songs. new era, need another drink, white stripes are all good. lots of jokey bars and stuff, definitely his weakest but i still like it a lot.

this song is actually p real


doris > i don't like shit

personally doris just feels more balanced between dismal and interesting lyricism. i don't like shit is pretty much strictly depressing shit and while i appreciate that, considering i'm an eternally mopey hoe, i do enjoy the jokes. also the beat selection/production is still interesting while being somewhat varied. i dont like shit feels kind of too similar beat wise.

  1. Wrong.
  2. Who gives a fuck about future :blacyoungsta:
  3. Tru
  4. Fuck off Venice > Malibu
  5. Who?
  6. No
  7. Already is
  8. Knx is :wastebasket:


(8.) Kys


The Mouse and the Mask is my 3rd favorite MF DOOM album.

  1. Madvillainy
  2. MM FOOD
  3. Mouse and the Mask
  4. Operation DOOMsday
  5. Take Me To Your Leader
  6. Born Like This
  7. Keys to the Kuffs
  8. Vaudeville Villain
  9. Venomous Villain
  10. NehruvianDOOM

I think my rankings in general are a bit unpopular with Born Like This and Mouse and the Mask higher than usual with Take Me To Your Leader and Vaudeville Villain lower than usual.


Maxo isn't the best trap rapper doin it at all


I like Bishop Nehru


Frank Ocean and Chance are overrated


i put that maxo is the best trap rapper to me personally which is p unpopular

i dont think the majority think that maxo is the best trap rapper, most would say like migos or sumn


a lot of ppl think that maxo is the most lyrical traprapper out rn


lyrical =/ best

i like him for his production choice and ability to flip things in a houston/memphis way but pull from a lot of out-of-region influence which is sort of unique to me, his lyrical ability, his flow and his story telling capabilities and the fact he is able to make a proper, C O H E S I V E project (Maxo187)

combination of those things


Jay Z/Beyonce is the most overrated celebrity couple.


Watsky gets too much shit, he is corny like his "contemporaries" such as Macklemore or G-Eazy, however he is much more self aware in that it doesn't come off like he regards himself as better in the rap game than anyone else or a big persona /mainstay in anything, simply retelling anecdotal stories in sappy ways that appeal to admittedly younger fanbase and doesn't try to be more than that. Honestly he is taken way too seriously.

Also he doesn't really come off like a dick or anything


o i didnt even see urs


Bruh Vaudeville Villain is top 5 that's a fact.



oh ffs


It is objectively better than at least 5 of those.


there is no such thing as being "objectively better" in music


No one is gonna care about N.O.R.E., Silkk, Big Pun, Fat Trel, Fabolos, The LOX, et al in the future, so enjoy them while you still can.

Who cares about these guys now? Not even saying they're bad, I just don't really know what this means.